Workers Online Share Company Secrets Of Their Former Employers

2022 is the year of spilling corporate secrets.

From the Great Resignation to worker strikes, employees are fed up with the current economic and job market. Nothing exemplifies that better than the secrets that have come out in the last few days, all thanks to TikTok and Reddit.

See, former employees are spilling about their former employers all over the internet — and some of the stuff is wild. Let's take a look at some of these secrets shared by former employees on Reddit.

A lot of schools are wired.

Unsplash | kyo azuma

"I worked for a large school district - within the last 10 years, outside cameras have become a standard. What the students and staff don’t know, is that they also record sound. And the principals and upper admin often abuse and use them. Some even get obsessed and will constantly watch and listen for any gossip or drama."

Shoutout to Arby's.

Unsplash | Saumya Rastogi

"I used to remodel Pizza Huts, Arby's, Wendy's, and KFC stores.

Arby's kitchens were the cleanest I've ever seen anywhere. KFC had grease residue, but still clean. Wendy's wasn't bad, just not as thorough.

The first Pizza Hut had me swear them off for life, and continued to gusset that opinion for the next 20+ stores."

Dollar General is pretty lax about safety.

"The Dollar General I used to work at kept the key to the store... under the rug in front of the front doors."

Another user agreed:

"I had siblings that worked at DG and the old manager [their] used to hide the keys in the machine that had the bags of ice outside."

The mouse might be a bit shady.

Unsplash | Tyler Nix

"The Walt Disney Company fires employees, then hires them back as consultants without benefits. All. The. Time."

I know multiple people at the mouse, and yeah — this is actually more common than you'd think.

Maybe don't take electronics to pawn shops.

"Pawn Shop. If you pawn or sell your laptop, phone or camera delete... personal pictures.

I had a boss that would go through each device. This idiot would go through and try to show me pics... And he legally could because the customer signs a waiver."


I'm really hoping this was just one Petsmart.

Unsplash | Rachel Hisko

"Petsmart kept half dead or dying or sick birds and small animals in back. If it wasn’t gonna make it we said we had Banfield euthanize it but we didn’t. We were told to put them in the freezer. Fish and small animals and reptiles."

This is horrifying.

I hope this isn't my insurance company.

"At a MAJOR insurance company I wrote software for was very big on security. If we needed to make an update, we weren’t allowed to remote into the server (even though you physically could, it was just against policy)," one commenter revealed.

"The login? 'Admin' The password? Blank. Literally no password."

Sorry if you subscribed to ESPN in the past.

Unsplash | Tech Daily

"So worked for ESPN for years....

They used to charge people to be an Insider, which gave you fantasy advise if you sent an email.

Those "experts" were myself and other randoms here in Omaha, Nebraska in a call center. No training just our opinions."

The Limited's holiday prices sure were special.

"I worked at The Limited for a very short time, years and years ago.

But they had this basic blouse they sold every day for like, $19.99. At Christmas time they put a big sign on them that said 'Special Price $25.99'.

And I guess technically it was a special price."

Wawa is serving up a big bowl of "yikes."

Unsplash | Antoine GIRET

"I worked for Wawa for 15 years. We have recycling bins at the pumps, in front of the store, in the store. It’s single stream recycling. That means nothing should be bagged. Anytime one bag is thrown in the recycling dumpster the entire dumpster will go to landfill and we get charged something like $500. Out of 900 stores. Not a single one recycles. None of the glass or plastic or paper gets recycled. None of the cardboard. Nothing."

Recycling isn't as helpful as we think it is, unfortunately.

Unsplash | Nick Fewings

"I have worked for a recycler and know others who work in waste management, most of your recycling is sent to the dump. A lot of people mix trash and plastic bags in with their recycling and now that most places mix all recycling into one bin, it makes it worse. Once a batch of recycling is considered contaminated, the whole thing is sent to the dump."

Say what now?

"Worked at a deli, the decaf coffee was just regular coffee in a pot with an orange top."

Not only is this a very specific brand of evil, it's actually super dangerous for people with blood pressure issues.

There's a lot of food waste at Dunkin' Donuts.

Unsplash | Lu Amaral

"We used to throw any donuts, bagels, or muffins out at the end of every night at Dunkin'. One week around Christmas time we would donate the food, but other than that it was all waste, and if we took any home ourselves we would get charged for it."

David's Bridal had a plus-size markup.

Unsplash | Anna Docking

"A few years ago, David's Bridal announced that regular and plus-sized wedding gowns would be the same price (like, a size 24 wouldn't be $150 more than its size 4 counterpart). They did this by marking up the regular sizes to match the plus-sized prices."


And finally: The forbidden recipe.

Unsplash | Aleks Dorohovich

"2⁄3 tablespoon salt 3 tablespoons white pepper 1⁄2 tablespoon thyme 1⁄2 tablespoon basil 1⁄3 tablespoon oregano 1 tablespoon celery salt 2 tablespoons garlic salt 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon dry mustard 4 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon ground ginger."

Now THAT is one hell of a secret.