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Internet Defends Mom's Strict Rules After Trolls Label Her 'Fun Police'

Parents have a ton of rules that they set in place for their kids.

From birth to their older ages, parents are oftentimes looking for ways to make sure their kids have boundaries and set rules for everything. Especially in today's day and age, parents want to make sure their kids are doing the right things in the right ways.

Many kids are very hooked on technology and their tech. items.

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Many parents today are working against society, raising their kids in a tech generation surrounded by iPads, cell phones, and TV. Many parents are always concerned with how much time they spend online and on technology devices.

Some parents do not allow their kids too much "screen time."

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Many parents decide that having no screen time, or very limited screen time, is important. Some think that screen time can be detrimental to not only their creativity and imagination but also their attention span, too.

Many parents try to limit screen time and put parental blocks on kid's iPads.

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On tablets, one big feature is a parental block where you can put time limits on their screen time and on apps. Therefore, kids don't overuse their tablets and play on them all day.

However, other parents have different ways they control screen time.

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There are also other parenting strategies to make sure kids are both productive and using their technology, as well. One way was shared recently on a Facebook page by a fellow parent who showcased how she deals with her kids and their electronics.

When her kids are on break from school, they can only use their iPad or watch TV if they follow her rules.


Her kids can use their iPads or TV "for as much time as they like" as long as they do a few things first. They have to make their bed, have breakfast, get dressed, brush their teeth, and brush their hair. To be honest, that is standard routine things for every day.

Her kids also have to do some knowledge building, too.


She also says that her kids can't have electronics time unless they have used their time productive beforehand. They have to read for 20 minutes, write/color for 20 minutes, and also clean up some room in the house. Their mom also wants them to go outdoors for 30 minutes, as well.

They also need to be helpful, as well.


The mom also says that they want to have the kids use their creativity, like making something with LEGOs or even going to do arts and crafts, before they get all of their technology and screen time in.

In reality, all of these things are what parents want their kids to be doing instead of technology time.

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Many parents who fear too much screen time worry that these things will become obsolete in a children's life if they spend too much time on their devices. Many parents want their kids to read instead of scrolling online.

However, some said the mom was part of the "fun police".

There were people online who commented on the Facebook post saying this mom was totally the "fun police" and she clearly was way too hard on her kids. Some said that "all kids use electronics and tablets," and this was way too much to do before getting screen time.

Some parents online thought this list was a great thing, though.

Some parents came to the mom's defense and said this is a great way to get kids to get into better habits of doing things. For example, making sure they are cleaning their room having breakfast, and taking care of themselves are all good things.

Overall, it seems pretty great!

Seeing as the kids are able to get some screen time in, but also get productive activities in, seems like a fair deal. Also, they'll be spending a lot of time doing other things, so their screen time will be limited, too.

How do you feel about it?