20 Enchanting Finds That Left Us Mesmerized

When it comes to simply making it through the daily grind, sometimes the little things are what truly motivate us to push forward. Tiny discoveries that, in the grand scheme of things, don't mean much, but invigorate us and leave us feeling uplifted due to their creativity and whimsicality.

Those sorts of discoveries are what fill this list, some enchanting finds that left us mesmerized.

"The sinks inside the Le Creuset headquarters are Dutch ovens."

Is it wrong that I really kind of dig this look? There's something so homey about it, very cottage-esque. I don't know if it's the shape or the color here, but it's only becoming more appealing the more I look at it. New interior design trend incoming?

"This video rental place near me is still open."

The only sign of modernity this store has is the minion sign in the front window.

Really, it's very cool that at least one person out there is dedicated to preserving what's now considered a relic of a business model. I hope they're thriving!

"My left eye grows a single, fragile grey eyelash that grows as long as [I] let it."

This person shared one major grievance about this eyelash, which has nothing to do with the eyelash itself, but with their own friends trying to surprise pluck it out of their head!

No matter how irritating one would find something like this, we have to respect the choices people make in regards to their own bodies, okay? No tweezers!

"4 ft tall girl looking at 12 ft tall snowman."

My favorite detail here is that they had to use two separate scarves to create the illusion of one scarf around its neck. I like to think whoever lives here stealthily built this in the middle of the night to surprise all the neighborhood kids in the morning.

"My Cup Noodles lid is also a cat that greets you when you open it halfway."

Now this is some award-winning package design. Did you know that nearly everything can be made better with a cute cat graphic on it? Really, just give it a shot, go into any store and look at any item. Now imagine a cat on it. Doesn't that make it better?

"[These] crabs I found in my mussels."

I've heard of people finding unexpected animals inside their mussels, as is the nature of eating fresh seafood sometimes, but seven crabs is a new one!

They're called pea crabs, and they're edible. The uploader did try one but wasn't a fan.

"Dental light looks like a water buffalo."

A rather happy one, too! This is a water buffalo who loves his job. He's always been passionate about the dental industry but was worried there wasn't space for him, given his species and all. He put in the work, though, and is now living the dream!

"This grocery store in Venice, Italy."

I'm a big art lover and genuinely think the world would be a better place if there were more hyper-public art installations like this in common buildings. Murals make communities brighter around the world, they could do the same in stores!

"This perfectly circular stone my mom found at the beach this weekend."

This rock has to have some sort of magic properties to it, right? It's some sort of spellcasting rune, or a magic lock that reveals a nearby hidden chamber full of lore-related documents and some treasure? There's no way it's just a normal rock.

"This art made out of waste electrical wires."

This portrait is by artist Deniz Sağdıç and was being displayed at the Instanbul airport alongside other works of hers. She makes all of her art out of waste materials such as wires, plastic bags, bottle caps, and circuit boards!

"Signs replaced by people holding signs, replaced by signs of people holding signs."

Why pay someone hourly to stand outside with a sign you paid to have printed, when you can just pay someone once to print one big sign of someone holding a smaller sign! Sure, it sounds deranged and is a little creepy, but it saves money!

"Fasciated lemon on my tree!"

Fasciation is a genetic mutation in plants that causes some strange growth patterns, often like the one seen in this lemon where they're stretched out.

It looks pretty healthy still, and the insides are perfectly ripe and all connected, you could make a mighty fine glass of lemonade with this sucker!

"My apartment has a stamp of Saturn on one of the walls."

Maybe you're part of a miniature solar system display, and somewhere 456 million miles away an alien has a stamp of Jupiter in their walls too, lining up perfectly with yours!

It may not be that useful, but it sure is accurate.

"This broken lantern my husband found on the road."

Which he then brought home and you decided to imprison your Venus flytrap in? What did it ever do to you? Has it not been eating pesky insects, thus helping your home remain pest-free? What crime warranted them being locked up like this? They're innocent!

"Somebody left a frosty White Claw on a local hiking trail for a (world) weary traveler to find, which happened to be me."

Talk about a useful gift to leave behind for someone, this is a real reward that's well-earned and well-deserved after hiking any distance. With it being perfectly chilled too? That must have been a dream. Gifted alcohol always tastes way better than alcohol bought with one's own money.

"My Bonsai tree kinda looks like a gorilla."

It's just a funny lookalike right now, but one day that tree is going to start marching out of that pot, then you'll have a new pet on your hands with no online guides for how to take care of it.

"Instant miso soup balls."

Hot chocolate bombs took over the internet for a while, can soup bombs be next? I'd give anything to be able to order a little ball of french onion or cream of mushroom soup that I can just plop in some hot water.

"A cafe in Anglesea Victoria, reusing milk cartons as cup trays."

This is a great way to recycle your business' own waste and cut down on the cost of purchasing trays! It's also, dare I say, a little cute. A small, perfectly sized tray for just two cups, way less clunky and helps you feel good about saving the planet!

"I painted this Fraser Fir red last year. The new growth comes out green and gives the tree a perfect blend of colors."

I can't help but wonder why you painted the tree in the first place. If it was to get this sort of effect, then I applaud you! It does look very neat, and is a great way to measure growth!

"My dog’s pupil is shaped like a star."

That's because she is a star! Look at that face, she's a model even when biting down on your thumb and she knows it.

Also, don't worry, the uploader detailed that they've taken her to the vet to have her eyes checked and she's a-ok!

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