20 People Who Stumbled Onto Some Cool Discoveries

They say the best things in life come when you least expect it, and this rings true for all levels of good stuff in the world. Be it big moves in your life taking you by surprise, or tiny treasures found randomly in the wild, you'll almost never see the good stuff coming.

That's what the people in this list experienced when they stumbled onto some pretty cool discoveries.

"This mall has a 'husband depository' with massage chairs and phone chargers."

Before this, I feel like most husbands who don't want to shop would just make excuses to not go at all, but now they might at least join their wives for the car ride to the mall. I know I would love to be somewhere with a massage chair right now.

"This airport only has folding chairs."

Wow, they managed to somehow find a way to make airport lobbies even more uncomfortable and upsetting to be in! Forget anyone who may need to sleep there overnight, they can take to the floor if they're that desperately sleepy.

"The gas station near me has the price of coffee also listed."

This gas station knows what the people are really concerned about. Gas might not be cheap at the moment, but being able to grab a cheap, classic, sub-par cup of coffee at the same time helps ease the pain a little bit.

"The hotel I'm staying at specifies which pillows are soft or firm."

Finally, I no longer have to fear for the health and safety of my neck muscles when sleeping anywhere other than my home. I can relax into my familiar, firm pillow, and be able to sleep properly without feeling like I'm being swallowed.

"I got to use a Mold-A-Matic machine today. It's a machine from the 60s that makes a plastic souvenir toy on demand."

I've never even heard of one of these before, but people in the comments were talking about them with such a nostalgic wonder and amazement.

I reckon the closest thing I have is those machines that pressed pennies into long, oval shapes with souvenir designs on them. Will I be waxing poetic about them in the future?

"An artisanal sharpened pencil."

No, this isn't a joke. Well, it kind of is, but it's also very real in the sense that you can buy a hand-sharpened pencil from this company. Sure, it'll put you back $100, but it's the sharpest pencil you'll ever own!

"Pretzel ice cream cones."

Now, this...this is the future. This is a historic invention, something that should be documented and celebrated worldwide. How have we as a society gone this long without the invention of the pretzel cone, and where must I go to acquire one immediately?

"Saw this bakery with bread shaped like animals."

You've got a fine selection here. There's a crab, a lobster (I think), a gator (I think), and a sweet little teddy bear. That sign may read 'display only', but that won't stop me from haggling with the cashier to try and get a price on that crab loaf.

"This picture of a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of a jigsaw puzzle of a ..."

"Jigsaw's Jigsaw's presents, Jigsaw's Jigsaws Jigsaw Jigsaw, a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle! If that all feels a little repetitive, wait until you see the puzzle itself!"

I had to stop myself from going further, as the word 'jigsaw' was already starting to lose its meaning and 'puzzle' was coming up quick behind it.

"Half this tree looks like it’s giving the other half a hug."

We all need comfort now and then, and this hug looks like a beautiful moment shared by two friends who care about each other. Housing birds and being trimmed by humans is no easy life! They just had to vent a little to their buddy who knows what it's like.

"Restrooms at SeaTac Airport use rain water to flush toilets and urinals."

This is just smart, I don't see why it can't be implemented in way more bathrooms across the world.

Either way, I'm glad it's becoming more common, and hopefully continuing to talk about it will encourage other businesses to do the same.

"[My] gum came with post chew wraps to spit your gum in."

Another thing that's just smart and should be more common. This way we're not stuck chewing it long after it's become too tough because we don't see anywhere we can spit it. Now, our jaws can know peace once again!

"Found a hermit crab using litter as a home today."

A sad sight when you think about it from the perspective of an ever-growing litter problem in today's oceans, but on the bright side, that bottle is probably way tougher than any shell he would have picked up, meaning his defenses increased greatly.

"This waterfall has a methane vent behind it that keeps a flame lit."

This definitely has a video game type of vibe, like if you walk through that portion of the waterfall, there will be a hidden cave lit by that flame that contains a secret puzzle or a treasure chest or something.

"My local op shop (thrift store) has a Keanu Reeves shrine."

You mean you don't? Of all the celebrities to have a shrine of, Mr. Reeves has to be one of the best options out there right now. Look at that smile, you're telling me you wouldn't want that populating multiple surfaces in your home?

"Apparently Busch makes a (non alcoholic) drink for dogs and it has a 5 cent deposit on it."

When cracking open a cold one with the boys, no one should be left out, even our furry friends. Make sure your pup feels like part of the crew on fishing weekends and cottage getaways with this dog-friendly "beer!"

"In Germany you can buy ketchup and mayonnaise combined in a single tube. A bit like stripy toothpaste."

I get it in concept, but thinking about it really does make me uncomfortable, especially when it's being compared to toothpaste and being sold in this type of bottle. I don't want to imagine brushing my teeth with it, but you're all giving me no other choice!

"This truck in the US Virgin Islands has a custom diagonal space for the license plate."

Huh. Alright. This is pretty curious to look at. People in the comments were saying this used to be a rather common truck mod back in the '80s and '90s, but this looks like a pretty modern truck, so this person must just like it!

"Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days."

Unfortunately, this isn't something Starlink customer service would be able to help you out with, so if you're ever experiencing an outage, check the disk first and shoo away any freeloaders. Better yet, just bring 'em inside. If they're warm indoors, they won't want to sit on the dish!

"[My] Japanese snack pot has animal 'facts' written on them."

My favorite fact on this list is that squirrels are my best friend. They don't always act like it when they run away while I try to pet them and gain their trust, but I know in my heart that we'll be true besties one day.

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