18 People Who Creatively Solved The Problem In Front Of Them

Let me ask you a question: what happens when you encounter a problem? Do you think of a creative solution to fix it, or do you just give up?

Well, if you're the former, you'll definitely get a kick out of these folks who did just that. They came up with the most inventive problem-solving concepts that deserve all the praise. Check them out.

1. This Inventive Ring Light Use

So, here's the thing: right lights are usually used for picture taking. Am I right? But check out this guy who used it to fix his car. Oh wow! That is so cool, no? I love that idea, ha, ha!

2. This Microwave Fix

Honestly, I've never seen a microwave door handle break before. But I suppose that can happen. So if it ever does happen to you, you can just fix it just like somebody did here. Hey, if it works, it works.

3. This Gardening Solution

Fellow gardeners will surely appreciate this here. This person's dad made them a nifty cage to keep all the critters away. Oh my! I definitely need something like this to keep my garden safe from all pests, too.

4. This Nifty Lawnmower Solution

Speaking of keeping your grounds all nice and tidy, here's something you don't see every day. Another person's dad came up with a cool concept to fix their broken lawnmower. I bet it worked like a charm, ha, ha!

5. This Unorthodox Car Fix

Okay, wait a minute. What in the heck is going on here? I'm not a car person, so I'm not sure if this is safe or not. But if you are, tell me, is this fix alright?

6. This Damage Control

Now, that we're on the subject of fixing cars what do you think of this idea here, huh? I have seen some odd ways to use duct tape but this one I have to admit takes the whole cake.

7. These Birdhouses

What can you possibly do with your old worn-out boots? If you're as clever as these folks here, you can use them as birdhouses, hehe. Oh my goodness. I don't think I've ever seen anything as cool as this.

8. This Office Solution

If you're tired of people taking your personal drinking cup at the office, don't despair. Some people resorted to a few drastic measures like this one here. I don't know how effective this would be, but you can try it, hehe.

9. This Car Mirror Fix

Why go to the mechanic when your car's mirror breaks? Am I right? When all you need to do is affix your wife's pocket one, and you're good to go. It's funny how it actually fits too, right?

10. This Polish Engineering

Okay, so I'm Polish, therefore I know what this sign says here. It states, ladies and gentlemen, that this bottle of water is now going to be your fire extinguisher. So just deal with it.

11. This iPad Stand

No iPad stand, no problem. If you were this person, you would most likely have used anything. I wouldn't exactly resort to this, but then again, I'm a lot more of a neat freak than some people seem to be.

12. This Anti-Bird Killer Idea

Yes, cats can be very annoying at times. Like when they kill all the birds in your backyard. But it looks like these two rascals got exactly what they deserve, ha, ha! Oh, they don't look happy about it, alright.

13. This Office Thief Solution

I honestly don't know what kind of people steal utensils from their office. I mean, why? What do they use at home now? Anyway, this office obviously had enough, so they did what they had to do.

14. This Phone Fix

What happens when your phone's touch screen dies? Oh, no. I don't want to find out. But check this out, this guy came up with an idea to get around that by using a mouse. Nice!

15. This Mask Wearing Solution

Congratulations to this lady here for coming up with a modern solution to a modern-day problem. I don't know about you, but I never thought this would be one of the things we would have to deal with, huh?

16. This Gaming Idea

So this guy had the bright idea to get some sun. But then he also wanted to play games. Well, that's a conundrum, right? Not anymore, ha, ha! Now he can do both anytime he wants. What a smart guy.

17. This Supermarket Idea

Let me ask you, how many times have you lost your spouse while shopping in a supermarket? More times than you're willing to admit, huh? Well, this clever grocery store came up with a solution for that.

18. This Paint Job

I'm not going to judge somebody who obviously can't afford new paint. If this is the closest solution to making it work, then okay. Hopefully, their luck will change very soon, and they can get the car to look good as new.

Wow, what did I tell you? Ha, ha!

When life doesn't give you lemons, you can still make lemonade, at least when you're these folks here. They came up with solutions I wouldn't have thought of, but they seemed to have worked out okay for them, no? At least, I hope so.