18 People Who Had Their Lucky Day At The Thrift Store

New year, new you. Am I right? It's the perfect time to start looking for some things that can help you navigate through life. And what's a better place to do that than a thrift store, huh?

After all, you never know what gems you might find while you're there. These people scored big, and now they're bragging about it online. Check it out.

1. This AM/FM Radio And Clock

Oh my goodness, ha, ha. What a lucky find, huh? I never even knew such a clock existed, but now that I see it, I want it. The person who found it at the thrift store got it for only $3. Whoa!

2. This Couch

Sometimes when you think of a thrift store, you imagine old-looking and ugly things, no? Well, that's not always so. This gorgeous couch here is the perfect example of a great score. I think the doggo loves it too, hee-hee.

3. This Bike

I'm pretty much obsessed with cute-looking bikes. So if I found this Dahon folding one for only $15, I would be super happy with myself. Apparently, the person who bought it gets some funny looks when they go round on it!

4. This Versace Bag

I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to own something made by Versace. So, if I got my hands on this authentic Medallion small bag at Salvation Army for only $50, I would be freaking out.

5. This Incense Burner

Funny story here, the person who bought this cute duck didn't even realize it was an incense burner, ha, ha. Nonetheless, he's adorable either way. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love this. It's the cutest thing ever.

6. This Washing Machine

Reddit | u/killercherry99

If you own a washing machine you know that they're not cheap. So this person here really scored big with this one. They paid only $90 for a perfectly clean one in working order. Wow! I want that, too.

7. This Gorgeous Vintage Piece

If you're into vintage pieces, you'll probably appreciate this one. This lucky lady got this two-piece set for only $10. I think that's pretty amazing. Don't you think? I would totally wear this. It's beautiful.

8. This Rice Cooker

I don't know about you, but we cook a lot of rice in my household. So I was thinking of getting a rice cooker, but I've never seen one like this. And it was only $10.

9. This Van Gogh Mug Set

If you're a fan of Van Gogh, you would probably die to get this mug set here. I know I want it too, hee-hee. Check this out — it was only $7. What, what?

10. This Iconic Action Figure

Fans of Austin Powers will immediately recognize this iconic character figurine. Who knew it even existed? For $12, I think it's a pretty good find. What do you think? Would you take him home with you?

11. This Bookcase

If you're a fan of mid-century pieces, I bet you'll love this one here. Somebody was having a great day when they found it on sale for only $40, especially since it's walnut, too. I love how they fit it in their home.

12. This Beautiful Painting

Wow, look at this beautiful painting here. I can't believe somebody found this at a thrift store, and it was only $15. This is so gorgeous. I would hang this up in my home in a heartbeat.

13. This Guitar

Somebody thrifted this Harmony guitar in NYC of all places. Since my fiancé is a guitar player, he would know if it was a good deal or not. But for only $20, I would say you can't go wrong, huh?

14. This KitchenAid Mixer

I don't know about you, but I've been dreaming of a KitchenAid mixer for a long time, so if somebody gifted me this one from the 1950s and would be on cloud nine. How gorgeous is it, huh?

15. These LeCreuset Pieces

Me: “How much are these? There’s no price.” Lady: “$10 for both.”

OMG, is that right? Can you believe this lucky person scored two, I repeat two, LeCreuset pieces for only $10? What? How come I never have luck like that?

16. This Blazer

If you were to purchase this Rag & Bone wool blazer, it would set you back a pretty penny. We're talking about over $500, people. But if you were as lucky as this person, you would have gotten it for only $5.99 at the thrift store. OMG!

17. This V-Day Inspired Piece

Valentine's Day is coming up, and wouldn't you want to make something special in this LeCreuset limited edition piece? Oh, yes, please! I don't know about you, but I would drive pretty far for something this cute.

18. This Amazing Rattan Piece

If I had an impressive plant collection like this one, I would be thrilled to score this stunning rattan etagere for only $30. Can you believe their luck? Is this not a dream piece or what?

So, what did I tell you?

Thrifting is really worth it. Isn't it? I just wish I had the patience to go through everything to find some true gems. How about you? Do you frequently find amazing things at the thrift store, or are you like me and can't be bothered?

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