18 People Who Literally Struck Gold At The Thrift Store

Have you ever gone to a thrift store and scored something truly incredible? I bet that's a feeling nobody can take away from you, huh?

It's yet to happen to me, but when it does, I hope I find something as awesome as these folks here. Check out these true gems, and let's hope we will both get lucky one day.

1. This Espresso Maker

This person was so lucky to score a $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola Espresso Maker for a tiny fraction of its cost. At $6.50, this Goodwill find is a coffee lover's dream come true, alright. No wonder they grabbed it and ran, haha.

2. These Gentleman's Shoes

Gents, if you're ever searching for dapper-looking shoes, don't discount thrift stores. This guy found amazing shoes that fit him like a glove for only $35. They were originally over $500. Isn't that amazing or what?

3. This Lovely Pendant

It definitely pays off to follow your gut. This person did, and they bought this pretty unmarked lapis pendant for only $20. As it turns out, the jeweler confirmed it's 18k gold and diamond. Oh my goodness, wow!

4. This Racing Set

"Found this insanely rare vintage leather racing jacket and the matching pants at the bins for $14."

Oh, my. That is indeed a cool find, especially if you're a racing fan. Heck, I would totally wear this too, haha.

5. This Baker's Dream Find

This lady has been looking for a genuine KitchenAid Mixer that's reasonably priced forever, and she finally found it for $10. I have to admit I'm totally jealous. I want one of these for cheap too.

6. This Apple Magic Keyboard

Here's something I would get very excited about, haha. I've been looking for an Apple keyboard like that for a good price. At $6.99, I'd say it's an amazing score indeed, and it comes with the lightning port too. OMG!

7. This Skillet

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you might appreciate this lucky find here. This person scored a Le Creuset 12” skillet for only $15. That's an impressive find, and I love that color. It's so chic, right?

8. This Blender

"My husband wanted to share today's find. A like-new Ninja blender with the food processor attachment for only $30."

That's pretty good, huh? I'm sure this type of blender goes for far more than that. And it looks pretty brand new too.

9. These Colorful Sets

"Found this colored pencil and pastel set for 20.00. The retail on these sets are outrageous."

Wow, I've never seen sets like these before. I bet this person will get a lot of use out of these two.

10. This Mushroom Bowl

This person thought they were grabbing a cute mushroom bowl for only $2.99. Then they found out what these bowls are really worth. You can most likely find a bowl like this for $75 on eBay. Nice!

11. These Headphones

My fiancé would totally appreciate scooping a pristine set of Sennheiser HD598 headphones for this insane price. If you're not familiar, headphones like these typically sell for over $200. So, needless to say, this was a great thrift store haul.

12. This Iconic Sofa

I honestly had no idea this sofa was such a big deal. But it is, haha. It's actually a Herman Miller "marshmallow sofa" and is considered the most iconic of all modernist sofas. It routinely sells for $15,000 or more. Not a bad find for only £200. Wow!

13. This Office Chair

I've been looking for a more comfortable office chair, so if I saw this Herman Miller Aeron Classic for only $12 at Value Village, I would be like, "heck, yeah!" They go for a lot more in a store, haha.

14. This Pinball Machine

Fans of the Marvel universe will feel quite jealous when they see this gem here. A lucky person found this pinball machine at their local thrift store for only $30. Holy moly! They usually sell for over $300.

15. This Gorgeous Piece

"Look at this beautiful Y2K Victoria’s Secret teddy I found yesterday! It’s in perfect condition! I don’t think it’s ever been worn. I love it!"

It's really stunning, isn't it? All she has to do is, sanitize it with some vinegar and enjoy it.

16. This Unique Bracelet

Anyone who's into horoscopes will definitely find this unique bracelet here pretty special, no? It's actually 18k gold and cost only $15. What? An 18k gold astrology necklace? The stars aligned for you, my friend indeed.

17. This Gorgeous Organ

I don't know about you, but I love organ music. There's something so majestic and grand about it. This guy found a Baldwin organ that works perfectly for only $170. Oh my goodness. What a fantastic find, right?

18. This Total Gem

Imagine stumbling upon a pretty ring for only $16. When you get home, you decide to appraise it and then find out it's actually an 18K gold emerald and diamond ring valued at about two grand. OMG! What an amazing find, huh?

See, what did I tell you?

Didn't these folks score big at thrifting or what? I hope that their good luck can somehow rub off on me, haha. I need this kind of lucky streak in my life. Have you ever found anything valuable at a thrift store before? I really want to know.

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