20 People Who Found Interesting Ways To Pass The Time

Boredom strikes when we least expect it, and though the digital world especially is filled with things to do to cure said boredom, it can be hard to find the specific thing that scratches that itch. Sometimes, you need to get creative.

And that's exactly what these people did! They found some of the most interesting ways to pass the time, then shared it with the rest of us.

"Been looking for Meow for 30+ minutes while in a waiting room."

The original comments were unable to find it either, though they found a few instances where a typo could have been made, resulting in "merw" or "meyw".

Sure, maybe it was an accident, but I like imagining there's an evil word search creator out there who does this all on purpose to drive people mad.

"At 29 I finally fulfilled teen me's dream of covering my stuff in stickers."

You're out there living your best life, and I'm genuinely proud of you. I've only ever felt comfortable sticker-bombing water bottles and my own laptop, but you, you're so much braver than I. Go forth, cover all you own in stickers, I'll be cheering you on!

"I attempted to take a pic with all 3 of my cats."

I'm not sure which part of this is better, the look of terror on the cat on the left, the clearly-struggling center cat, or the dawning defeat on the owner's face as he realizes this is never going to work.

"I sharpened my pencil really long."

An impressive feat, but now what? Will you choose to write so delicately and lightly that it will never snap, sacrificing legibility, or will you simply never touch it again?

Or, the third option, will you immediately destroy your creation and snap it back to size? What does your choice say about you?

"Parents’ Neighbors Harassing Me."

I can't tell which end of this was more of a waste of time, theirs for pestering you at all and being convinced you live there, or yours for formally typing and printing out a response instead of simply writing one.

"Stayed at an Airbnb and this was their sand clock timing."

In their defense, who in their right mind is still using an hourglass these days? If you're someone who still expects hourglasses to be perfectly timed because you actually use them, you need to give in to modernity. It's much easier, I promise you.

"Only cheese grater at the Airbnb I’m staying at."

Some people in the comments pointed out that this is likely for garlic or ginger rather than cheese, but I'm left wondering why you were looking for a cheese grater at an Airbnb at all. Cooking? Just order takeout like the rest of us.

"We have an ice cream man who drives by our house at night in the middle of winter."

The uploader elaborated further on this ice cream man, "This is in Oslo, Norway. [...] Even when it's -10 outside it's common to see people buying ice cream.

"[...] Oddly enough you can not buy a single ice cream from them, only entire boxes of ice cream."

"[Found] a buried tv in the garden."

This feels like the start of an extremely creepy horror movie. It's probably best if you just put all that dirt back and pretend you never found it, even when you start hearing TV static coming from the garden at night.

"Love my gym."

This is far too vague, as an 'absurd' amount of toilet paper is completely subjective! You need a definite square count, and also the removal of all stall doors so people can do their due diligence and help catch those toilet paper wasters.

"My toothbrush without the case."

Huh. That's both somehow more complicated and less complicated than I thought the inside of an electric toothbrush would be. It's also something I never thought I'd see, so I didn't have strict expectations for it. It's neat, it's unexpected!

"I recently graduated college and was throwing things out. Here's what 4 years of work looks like."

Graduating any post-secondary institution is a huge milestone and worth a ton of celebration! However, the fact that you were able to save all of your work from that time to take this photo might be even more impressive, so celebrate that too!

"The seal on my frozen yogurt."

Carina is a woman who knows her values and isn't afraid to impose them on the public via any means necessary, and yes, that includes fear. She knows her printed visage will haunt your dreams if you don't recycle correctly. That's what she wants.

"Constructed a 540 piece Marble Run with the wife and son today. Spent 4hours to complete it, only to find out there were no marbles included!"

Not to mention the kicker, which the uploader added in the comments, "[...] the MARBLE Run does NOT use normal marbles…. Apparently I need large silver SLINGSHOT BB’s… it gets more infuriating…"

Who knew a marble track could come with so much adversity!

Hand-crafted centerpiece.

"My [dentist's] office has a 20’ tall whale fountain. Designed, built, and installed with a crane through the skylight by the original owner (MD) and his brother."

This is both ambitious and impressive, I just find the setting to be...questionable. I suppose they just wanted to see their own art every day!

"My collection of vintage Bounty Paper Towels."

There really is a collector for everything, isn't there? I personally find this cool as hell, as this has to be a really tough thing to track down and preserve. It's not like it was a collector's item back in the day, you just have to hope people find old unopened packages!

"Lindor truffle cork: isolated."

Apparently, there's a whole community of people out there who eat Lindor chocolates cork-first, popping it out at the start and eating it before anything else. Some even claim it's the best part which I have to staunchly disagree with. If you don't think the filling is the best, you're missing the point.

"My neighbour built an igloo."

Well, your neighbor built half an igloo. I'm not knocking them for stopping, it's a hard thing to build and they got a good chunk of it done, not to mention there's only so much snow they can use before they have to start stealing from other yards.

"This crow hanging upside down in my backyard."

Crows are such funny little birds. Culturally they're seen as creepy, brooding, and dark due to their presence in horror movies and other media that use them as an omen, a foreboding presence, but in real life they're extremely goofy and will just do whatever because they think it's fun. Including things like this!

"My eggs have a newsletter highlighting their chicken of the month."

Good, it's about time these hard-working hens got some recognition around here! Hopefully, the title of Bird of the Month comes with a few extra goodies, some chicken-safe treats and an extended lunch break every day.