17+ People Who Took Boredom To A Whole New Level

We all get bored from time to time, whether it be while in the office, at home, or while shopping for house appliances. Christ, there really is no tedium quite as soul-crushing as appliance shopping.

However, in order to show off some ingenious ways that people have found to kill time, here are 17+ people who took boredom to a whole new level!

"Bored at office? Got an idea for you!"

It must have taken this guy absolutely ages to catch all of those mice and then wrap them in paper!

"Recreation of Pablo Picasso's painting 'A woman with a bird.'"

I think that she did a pretty bang up job actually! This could make for one of the most bougie Halloween costumes of all time come Halloween.

"My neighbors are so bored."

You'd better do what they say as well. One thing that you don't want is to incur the wrath of the Ministry Of Silly Walks!

"My cousin wanted cake and ordered one. Told the bakers to write whatever they wanted because it was for just for her anyways, so..."

Both. I can safely say that my perpetual state of being is both of these two emotions combined.

"A really angry mailbox!"

Well, everyone knows that snowmen love to eat junk mail, so this is a great idea! And yes, snowmen's favorite snack being junk mail is a widely known and accepted fact, I'm amazed that you didn't know that!

"Sometimes I get bored at work."

I guess that you could say that he gets a little too card-bored at work...right? Eh? Card-bored!

"Got bored made a toilet monster..."

So this was what people were hoarding all of that toilet paper for? So that they could build their own toilet paper golems to defend their houses!

"Someone was bored in this toilet in Japan."

This is oddly creepy, don't you think? I think it is the eyes...or just the whole damn thing now that I look at it again.

"Killing time at lunch when suddenly..."

Look, to be fair to them, this is an incredibly eco-friendly vehicle. They're looking after the environment in the long run!

"I got tired of waiting to get help at Lowe's."

Sure, the Amazon option may be cheaper, but look at that 2-star rating! That sure as hell doesn't inspire confidence! I'm a slave to the customer reviews.

They Clearly Got Bored When Changing The Sign.

Wow, now that is a shockingly bad joke, and I have nothing but the highest of respect for whoever came up with it.

"Tube of Pringles + bored engineer ="

If I am bored and am presented with a packet of Pringles, then the only thing that is going to happen is I am going to devour that entire tube of Pringles almost immediately.

"Future me is gonna have a heart attack when he opens up the attic."

You know that boredom has gotten the better of you when you are resorting to playing pranks on yourself to fill your time!

"Bored at home and folded this koi fish."

I tried origami only once, and I am still astounded at how unbelievably terrible I was at it. You wouldn't think that just folding paper as per instructions would be so hard, and yet it had me needing a stiff drink almost immediately.

A Lot Of Post-It Notes And Little Else To Do...

"It seems that someone in the office is using the Post-It notes a little too freely, any ideas who that might be, Dave?"


"You''re literally wearing a suit made of Post-It notes right now!"

"Bored of being unemployed? He's doin' it right!"

This guy is at least honest and upfront about what he wants from life and I can respect that!

"My little sister and her friend with their homemade movie theaters."

At least when you're using these homemade movie theaters you won't get distracted by some annoying asshat using their phone.

"Welp, this is going to be a boring expo..."

As if hearing people talk about their vape and vaping wasn't boring enough, now I have to listen to people talk about hypothetical vaping...Christ!

"Told my boyfriend I was getting him a burger for Christmas."

The full commitment to this bit is impressive. There's no way that isn't custom wrapping paper. The even layers. It's beautiful.

"Used to pay my rent to my roommate in a funny way each month. One month I went to the bank and got it all in ones."

I'm sure your roommate loved this and definitely didn't beg each night that you'd pay normally for once.

"Neighbor projecting Trailer Park Boys onto the water tower."

If you're going to have it up for everyone to watch, at least put subtitles on!

"I tried to make Ron Weasley out of peas."

I think you're beyond "tried" at this point. You've reached incredible, wild success.

"My father took the time to do this to my mother ladies and gentlemen."

And your mother sat there and stretched her foot out for that same time. They both had a part in this.

"[Fair] warning."

I'll just add that to my calendar now so I don't forget. Step...left...on...Monday... perfect!

"Staging my house for pictures tomorrow. I believe this Easter egg will attract the right buyer."

Only true connoisseurs will be able to appreciate tiny Chewbacca shrine.

"Made some labels for my wife’s contact lenses."

They're designed perfectly, able to be recognized and read before she puts her contacts in!

"The choice of clothing this guy [made] while snowboarding."

I'm not sure what sort of beasts he thinks he'll encounter on the trail, but at least he has the proper protection to defeat them.

"My younger sister was trying to make apple juice and decided that if she boiled the apple it would be softer and thus easier to turn into juice."

When someone asked if it worked, the person who posted this simply replied, "A little bit." I don't know why, but when I see this I think that it must surely be dangerous, even though it's probably not?

"Peeled the shell off a fresh egg leaving it intact in its membrane."

Is there any purpose in doing this besides to flex on the internet? Like, isn't it better to not have the membrane on it?

"My Nana is bored so she's keeping me fresh during the quarantine."

I don't think that I have ever wanted a piece of footwear more in my entire life than I want these crocheted sneakers.