Costco's Little-Known Price Adjustment Policy Is One Of The Best Member Perks

What isn't there to love about Costco?

From the never-changing food court prices to the return policy, shopping at Costco is a breeze. You know you're always getting the best quality product at the best price when you shop there — even if a better price comes up later.

Let's explore the world of Costco price adjustments, shall we?

Ah, Costco.

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Much like Target, Costco is like adult Disneyland. There are deals everywhere, free samples galore, and more gadgets than you can count.

I genuinely consider a trip to Costco to be a treat, which is how I know I'm old now.

But have you checked out Costco online?

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See, this is where our tip starts. Costco online has a HUGE selection of stuff that you simply can't find in stores. From an extended selection of appliances to even more Apple products, Costco online is the place to be with your Costco card.

Did you know that Costco price matches their own deals online?

Say you want to buy this pink luggage set from Heys. The set currently retails on Heys' site for $499. Costco has it on their site for $219 (holy crap, what a savings). Let's order the Costco set, shall we?

Guys, I love our new luggage.

Unsplash | Pedro Mexicano

They're cute, they're stylish, and we got a whole set for $219! We paid less than half the regular retail price at Costco. Man, did we score.

But, what's this? Costco is having a flash sale, and now the luggage is up on their site for $179?

Don't worry.

Let's head to Costco.com's price adjustment area and check out what it has to say. Luckily, we're within 30 days of us purchasing that luggage, which means we're entitled to a price adjustment. WHEW. I was worried for a minute there.

All we have to do is fill out a form.

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Costco has a handy form that you can fill out online. And just like that, we've submitted our request to get a refund of the difference. Good thing we shopped online!

It works in-store, too.

Unsplash | Grant Beirute

If you visited a Costco warehouse to buy the luggage, don't worry. All you have to do is pop on over to the warehouse and hit up the membership counter. They'll process your price adjustment for you!

This is especially useful around Black Friday.

Since you have that 30-day return window all year, this tip works especially well during the holiday season sales. If you buy something 30 days before Black Friday, you can actually have the price adjusted it if goes on sale during that time period. SCORE.

So, what do you think?

Unsplash | Henry & Co.

Have you ever tried price adjustments at Costco, and how did it go for you?

And more importantly: Should I buy that luggage set? I really want it, and I need new luggage so badly...the pink is cute, right? Guys, help me out here.

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