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How To Make Life Easier And Save Money On Disney When Booking With Costco

Disneyland is memorable for many reasons: the rides, the fireworks, the hole left in your wallet...

Yes, the Happiest Place on Earth sure can quickly become the Most Expensive Place on Earth if you're not careful. Thankfully, that's where Costco comes in!

Where else can you buy a bulk size jar of pickles AND your dream vacay at a fraction of the cost? Keep reading to learn all the surefire ways Costco saves you money when booking your next Disney trip!

First, learn your travel options with Costco.

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Costco Travel offers a plethora of vacation packages (hotel and airfare) to Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Feeling like something different? Costco Travel also offers packages to Disney's luxe Aulani Resort in Hawaii, guided vacations with Adventures by Disney, and getaways with Disney Cruise Line.

Now, onto the perks!

Complimentary parking

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Parents already have enough stress with escorting their kids around without having to find parking.

Thankfully, all of Costco's Walt Disney World Resort on-site packages come with complimentary parking at all Walt Disney World theme parks and at Disney Springs.

Certain off-site hotels also offer the same.

Michelle Rupp, a buyer for Costco Travel, told *Parents* that Disney has negotiated free parking with certain off-site hotels.

This includes Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Melia Orlando Celebration, and Melia Orlando Celebration, and Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas. You can call your hotel to see if it's included.

Disney gift cards

Who doesn't love gift cards? Costco members get one up to $245 that can be used for shopping and dining.

This offer even extends to those who book with certain off-site hotels, although they will only get $145. Still a great deal, though!

"The Disney gift cards with Costco packages are a great way of helping you splurge on your trip, allowing you to do something you wouldn't normally want to budget for," Kimberly Tate, founder of Stuffed Suitcase, told *Parents*.

"Perhaps that means buying a special souvenir or maybe giving you the chance to book a character meal," she added.

Costco discounts

In addition to all the great savings listed here, there's more! Costco members receive extra savings at select Downtown Disney District dining and shopping locations.

Every bit counts for many families, making this a huge perk. So be sure to carry your Costco membership card with you at all times!

Shop cards

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This is different than gift cards. It's awarded to those who book vacations through Costco Travel for Aulani, Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney.

The value of the shop card is calculated during the booking process and typically based on the length of stay, Rupp told Parents.

"The card is sent to the Costco members about two to four weeks after they return from their vacation or cruise," she said.

It can be used toward merchandise or gas at any Costco warehouse throughout the United States or Canada. Basically, you earn money for going on vacay!

Bundling discounts

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Just like you save money by shopping in bulk at Costco, you save with Disney by bundling Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World packages booked through Costco!

In other words, you save by booking both your hotel accommodations and park tickets. This also makes the booking process easier for you.

"Regardless of the type of [park entrance] ticket included in the package, Costco members receive extra savings on the bundled package," Rupp told *Parents*.

"The longer the admission days of the tickets (up to 10 days), the deeper the discount," she added. So spring for those extra days!

Ready to book?

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After reading about all these great deals, we're not surprised.

Simply head on over to Costco's website to learn more. Here, you'll see which hotel/park packages are available. You can also learn more about their discounts and partnerships with off-site hotels.

Happy vacationing!