15 Costco Secrets Every Savvy Member Oughta Know

I LOVE Costco.

I didn't feel like a true adult until I got my first Costco card. Holding that beautiful red and white card in your hand signifies something special: You're officially old enough to be excited about grocery shopping.

Jokes aside, Costco is THE place to be if you want to save big on...well, everything. Here's some secrets you need to know to get the most out of your Costco trips.

You can buy Apple products there.

Now, this comes with some caveats. Often, you won't get much of a discount from Apple's regular retail prices. And the computers are usually one generation behind. Costco also offers tech support, and also sells Apple Care!

Starbucks roasts Kirkland's coffee.

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Many people miss this little detail, but it's pretty insane: Kirkland signature coffee is actually roasted by Starbucks. Costco also sells Starbucks coffee in their stores, but it's guaranteed to be cheaper under the Kirkland label. Sneaky sneaky!

The gift cards are usually discounted.

Costco is THE place to be for gift cards. They're almost always sold at a discount, and the brands they offer are crazy good! You can find Apple, Nintendo, and other brands on their gift card racks.

Pay attention to the asterisks.

If you see a price label with an asterisk (*) on it, bad news: that product isn't being restocked. It's your last chance to buy it before it's (probably) gone forever, so grab it while you can.

Almost everything comes with that sweet, sweet Costco warranty.

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As a longtime Costco member, this is my favorite part of shopping at Costco. If something you buy there doesn't work for any reason, you can return it with no questions asked. Their return policy is excellent, and a favorite of customers worldwide.

Your Costco membership works worldwide.

You can walk into any Costco on the planet and purchase whatever you want! Each Costco varies depending on its location, and no two offer the exact same things — especially in differently countries.

Vitamins are available in bulk.

Rather than spending $20 at a regular grocery store, you can spend a tiny bit more and get double the vitamins at Costco! This is the only way to buy vitamins, guys. You get so many for such a great price!

You can buy everything there — even furniture.

Let me tell you, I have bought some FURNITURE in my day. It's best to buy it from Costco for two reasons:

  1. You know the quality is good.
  2. If something happens, that return policy sure comes in handy.

Costco price matches.

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If you find something you want advertised for a lower price than Costco's posted price, they will honor the other store's deal. This is a great way to make sure you get the best deal possible!

It's one of the best jobs you can get.

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Not only do they get free memberships and first tries at new products, Costco's minimum wage is crazy high. Workers start at $17/hour, and some employees have reported earning $28/hour at their stores. The average hourly rate for a Costco employee? $24.88.

Their employee health plans are insane, too.

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"Benefits are good. So if you're full-time, you get pretty much 80% covered, health-wise," one anonymous employee shared with Narcity Canada. "If you're a part-time it's 50% you're guaranteed."

Imagine having 80% coverage? Holy crap!

The site has more than the warehouses do.

Don't sleep on Costco's site or apps! You can see a way bigger selection of products on their site, especially if your Costco is on the smaller side and can't stock as much as a regular one. Yes, I am speaking from experience. Yes, my Costco is kinda small. It's sad. I'm dealing with it.

This one is for my Canadians: Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen SLAPS.

They sell regular and extra strength bottles of their generic Advil. The price is way lower than the name brand, and they work just as well. I am a big fan of buying those bad boys, and my Americans friends always pick some up when they're up here. Buy 'em.

Kirkland Signature is a way of life.

As someone who un-ironically owns this sweater, I can confirm Kirkland is LIFE. It's Costco's in-house brand, and often they privately label brand name products. If you buy Kirkland, aka "generic," you're getting the best product possible. #KirklandGang

Look for prices that end in .97.

Those prices signify that the item has been marked down. It also means the item won't be marked down any further, so you know you're getting the best deal possible. Nice.

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