'Wife Of The Year' Surprises Husband By Paying Off His Student Loans

I don't know about you, but I think it can sometimes be tough to come up with a unique way to surprise your mate. So I was absolutely blown away by this story I'm about to share with you.

This amazing wife did something for her husband this Christmas that should surely give her the award of "Best Wife" forever. Warning, this story might make you teary-eyed.

I remember the time when I was finally able to pay off my student debt.

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It was a satisfying moment, that's for sure. So I can relate to this next story of a husband who really wanted to become debt-free.

Check this out.

Jayla Henry, a content creator and stay-at-home-mom, came up with a strategy to help her husband do just that. And, this Christmas, she was able to give him the surprise of a lifetime. Wait until you hear what exactly she did.

On Christmas morning, she handed her husband Tony a pair of shoes with a special message.

The message printed across the shoes read "Debt Free." As you can imagine, Tony was quite surprised by this and didn't exactly understand what it meant.

So Jayla followed it up by saying, "I want you walking around debt-free."

Then she played him a conversation she had with a Sallie Mae representative, confirming that, in fact, Tony was now debt-free. Wow, how amazing is that huh?

The husband was so touched that he started crying.

And then the couple held for a long time in one of the sweetest hugs. I bet you're wondering how Jayla was able to accomplish all that being a stay-at-home-mom, huh?

As it turns out, Jayla was able to earn money being a content creator while taking care of her son.

The gig even helped the couple weather some tough times during the pandemic when Tony lost his job. It wasn't all without sacrifices, though.

She came up with a plan to only spend money on the things the family really needed.

The rest of the money helped to pay the bills and went into savings. That's how she was able to save enough to pay off Tony's student loans.

Jayla was very appreciative of all the time her husband worked while she stayed home with their son.

And when she was able to earn her own money, she knew she wanted to give the love back. This was her way of doing that for her supportive husband.

Oh my goodness! If this story doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what kind of person you are, ha, ha!

To be a fly on the wall in that room would have been something, huh? This couple is on their way to starting their future debt-free, and that must be a fantastic feeling. Am I right?

The next thing for them is building their own forever home, so let's wish this family good luck.

h/t Buzzfeed