23 Times Gift-Giving Between Partners Melted Our Hearts

Gifts: One of the best (and most meaningful) ways to show someone how much you care.

A gift doesn't have to just be an object — it can be a gesture, or an experience. For these clever partners, it's all of the above! Let's check out some of the cutest things couples have done for each other! (And yes, you can use this as an #Inspo post Christmas.)

Yeah, this one's a keeper.

"I made my girlfriend a smart mirror for her birthday."

I love the little part up top that keeps track of how long they've been dating! That's so creative and cool.

Now that's a magical kind of love.

"My husband, who is not a [Harry Potter] fan himself, bought me the Hogwarts 3D puzzle and built it with me while watching all eight movies."

All eight? That's a good man right there!

I love when people build their gifts!

"My wife and I have been talking about getting a driveway gate installed since we moved into our house last year. She was out of town this last weekend so I decided to do it myself to surprise her. This is the first thing that I have ever designed and built by myself. This made me smile."

For the bookworm in your life:

"My boyfriend told me I had to come home late last night. Surprised me with this."

This could go one of two ways with your chosen bookworm. They'll either be thrilled, or they'll be infuriated their books are out of order. Choose wisely.

Embrace the weird.

"This boyfriend built his partner a wall to display the mugs her ex had shamed her for."

It's the little things that make the biggest impact in a relationship. Embrace your partner's weird collections or habits!

This marriage was written in the stars.

"Star map collection I made for my husband for Valentine’s Day 2020. Sky & location for when we met, got engaged, married, and the birth of our son."

This is SUCH a cute idea, and I love that it's handmade! I was expecting it to come from an Etsy shop.

Hallmark should be quaking right now.

"After two weeks, I finally finished my husband's birthday card. It's not perfect, but I'm so proud of it!"

Not only is this perfect, it's iconic! I can't believe this is all paper and fluff. Look at the detail on Mario!

Plant parents are easy to please!

"My wife’s been hinting at wanting storage on our porch for plant friends. I built this rope shelving and surprised her with it today. I’m super proud of it!"

Man, that looks awesome!

This is a hell of a proposal.

"Love spoon I carved to propose to my now wife. She’s a hairdresser from New Mexico, which explains the shears and Zia symbol, and I’m a woodworker of predominantly Scottish background, hence the chisel and St. Andrew’s Cross. Built the box it’s in as well, using my family tartan for a background."

For people who just love their cats:

I love the idea of custom anything, because it's so personal. However, I am OBSESSED with the idea of having custom art done of your pet! And I love that they put it on a phone case!

This is so sweet.

"For our fifth wedding anniversary, I built my wife a sour Cherry custom box to store her letters in. I love her so much, I wish I could do stuff like this for her every day."

Awww, my heart is melting over this!

This is the gift I would want.

"I made an accent wall for my fiancée (now wife!) in our first home last year."

There's nothing I love more than a good home project! Getting this as a gift would send me over the moon.

Everyone go home, this one wins.

This one is hard to top. How do you do better than gifting someone a whole new person?

I'm not saying you should use this one as inspiration, but I'm not NOT saying it.

This custom desk is stunning.

"Made my girlfriend a custom desk for her tiny apartment so she can stop working at the kitchen counter."

This is such a thoughtful gift! The engineering is amazing, too. He worked hard to make sure that desk fit perfectly!

This bench is so precious.

"My dad surprised my mom for their 30th anniversary and had a bench dedicated to her."

Her reaction truly says it all. What a beautiful, heartfelt gift that she can enjoy every time they go walking together.

I want this cake!

"Today’s my 25th birthday, my husband is a pastry chef and made me a cake."

I can't get over how much detail he got into this cake! This truly looks exactly like Patrick and Spongebob. I'm so impressed with his artistry!

This is a marriage built to last.

"We were in a long line at the grocery. This man said he had to go use the restroom, but instead he secretly bought flowers for his wife and hid them behind his back."

That's true love right there.

He's a keeper for sure.

This man is a genius. It's hard to know what to give people who are hard to shop for, so it's always nice to see someone go for the sentimental gift!

He built her a custom bike!

"My wife asked for a gold bicycle. I bought an old 70’s Ross kids bike and turn it into a low rider."

That bike is AWESOME. I love that he tricked it out with red and navy!

This husband is so talented!

"My husband made me this when we first started dating. All the guys at his work were making fun of him at first until he was done and then they wanted him to make them one for their girlfriends. I just wanted to share his talent somewhere."

This puzzle is so romantic.

"My gf loves fairytales so, to propose, I built her a fairytale storybook with Secret puzzles inside," bigchewypretzels explained.

Oh, and by the way? He hand forged her ring, too. All other men don't stand a chance.

This is so funny.

The weird things couples text each other really do deserve to be immortalized in book form. I can't wait to get my wife a book full of grocery lists and pictures of our cat!

Man, parents are the best.

"I made this tree skirt by quilting my daughters old baby clothes for my wife this Christmas. I’m a novice sewer and this was my first go at quilting. I’m kinda proud, to be truthful."