20 Moments Where The World Blew Us Away For The Best or Worst Reasons

No matter what we go through in life, there will always be new and ever-more exciting ways for the world to keep us on our proverbial toes. However, the surprises that the world has in store are not always good ones.

In this vein, please enjoy these 20 moments where the world blew us away for the best or worst reasons.

A Weirdly Personalised Card!

"My 10yr old made me a birthday card with detailed drawings of the buttholes of our 4 cats and titled it: 'The Collection of BUTTHOLES of the cats,'" wrote the individual who posted this.

"My initials are DT, husband is FT. My poor, sweet dad gave us this stationary for Xmas."

They should probably have looked up what that meant before getting it printed onto stationary. Sending this to other couples could send out the wrong message.

"A machine came through my local John Deere for repairs from the tornado in Kentucky."

Wow, I never thought that I would see a piece of corn do so much damage — and there is a sentence that I never thought I would say.

"Neighbor left their window down and we got a huge snowfall last night."

Apparently a leaf blower is the perfect tool to help in these instances according to one individual. However, I think that just blasting the heated seats would work better!

"May he rest in peace..."

I really hope that there is a translation error here and that this is not some kind of cannibal BBQ where people go to eat a sacrificial child. There's no way anyone would set up that business...right?

"Hmm...I'll pass."

Look, people won't be laughing at those of us who use this shampoo when the vampire uprising starts! You'll all be begging for a go of our garlic shampoo then, and we won't let you have any!

"Snow fell in Rostov today. These were two Indescribably lucky car owners on Mechnikov Street."

One person did point out, "If they are going to sell those cars later, they should definitely mark it as 'lucky as f***' in the description."

Watch Out For The Earth Quack!

"Pfft, look what they have done here. They spelt earthquake wrong like a bunch of idiots, can you believe that?"

"Err, Dave... I don't think that was a spelling mistake."

"What? I mean... Oh my God is that a giant duck?!"

"Found at my local dollar store..."

Something tells me that the design department may have been influenced by a certain Netflix series, I cannot be sure though. Also, they really did that kid at the front dirty with this picture.

"Something is not looking right with this scene."

This looks like a scene from an alternate dimension. I think that my favourite one of these knockoffs is the fact that they have just called Sprite "Right." I don't know why, but that one kills me.

"My husband's buddy at work was having a bad day today."

I am sure that they would be able to fix this somewhat easily? However, the fact that they did it in the first place is unforgivable. How didn't they notice?!

"My girlfriend and I fought and didn't talk for 3 days so I sent her an Amazon gift with this as the message."

It is a bold move to break the ice with a joke like this, but it paid off as apparently she found it pretty hilarious.

"First day back to college and the hot chocolate machine had ants inside it."

There are a lot of health benefits to having ants in your hot chocolate, but I do not know what they are. What am I, an ant specialist?! Get out of here!

"After years of saving I finally bought a house."

I hate it when you move into a new house and you find out that your neighbor has been genetically engineering gigantic cats. They can really leave one hell of a mess on your lawn!

"Rainbow from window lines up perfect on stove."

Where can I get a stove like this right away? I hate that stoves are always so cold and lifeless, we need more colorful stoves as I have always said...yeah, I've always said that.

"Hi, I'm calling to start a claim, my car is flooded... Oh, I don't have flood coverage? In that case, it's on fire.'"

I am sure that the insurance company would definitely believe this person when they made the call about their car that caught fire in a flood.

"I caught a mouse by closing my air vent."

Never play Mousetrap with this person as they will wipe the floor with you! Although, they may be the only people on the planet who can actually set the board up properly.

"Check out my gigantic home grown garlic clove!"

Now that is the amount of garlic that you need to be putting in any meal you are making...or into your shampoo for that matter. Yeah, that's right, I'm still on the garlic shampoo!

"Random stranger & I have wedding rings cut from the deck of the same WWII battleship."

According to one person who was an authority on sea law, this now means that these two people are married. Yep, that is definitely how sea law works, don't look it up.

"My friend was cooking a frozen pizza."

Apparently this is what happens when you defrost the frozen pizza as opposed to cooking them from frozen. I cannot say for sure how true that is though. Also, who puts the pizza straight in instead of putting it on a baking tray?

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