20 Products That Made Us Think That The World Had Gone Off The Deep End

You there, you think that you have a new idea? Why don’t you pitch it here? The only condition is that it had better be better than all of the products in this list!

So, with this in mind please enjoy these 20 products that made us think that the world had gone off the deep end!

Now That Is What I Call A Cradle!

That kid really does not seem to be a fan of this cradle. Odd that a child would not like the idea of being eaten by a shark!

"This toilet can react to heat from your butt."

I do not really understand why anyone would want one of these. Is there really a market for this kind of thing? Apparently so!

"Egg cuber advertisement."

Well one thing is for sure, this is a much better way of getting square eggs than how we used to get them! What a faff that was, eh?

"Sriracha vending machine."

Of all of the things that I would expect to find in vending machine, sriracha is not one of them. Never mind a vending machine that is exclusively stocked with sriracha.

"The detail on this motorcycle helmet."

Well, I had no idea that there was such a disturbing product as this out there on the planet! How wonderfully terrifying!

"Slug earbuds..."

Who wouldn't want to feel as though there is a slug slowly crawling into each of their ears?! That is surely a sensation that absolutely everyone wants to experience?!

"Ramen! Now with Pringle flavoring..."

Why would you feel the need to go out and guy a packet of these when you can just scrunch up a packet of Pringles over some ordinary noodles? Trust me, it'll change your life.

"An all edges brownie pan..."

There was actually a stunning review from someone who owns one of these in the comments. Their resounding endorsement was, "I have one of those! They’re mediocre!"

"Mac n Cheesus..."

Can you really call yourself a Christian if you have nit eaten our lord and saviour in Mac and Cheese form? Christ wanted this, so just devour him and his cheesy coating already!

"A beer bat..."

I need one of these. I don't think that I would be filling it with beer though, I would be more likely to fill it with wine. That much wine would probably floor me though.

Shut Up And Take My Money!

My God, I can almost remember what it feels like to fall asleep with all of the requisite blood in my arms! What a luxury that was, and I never took the time to appreciate it!

"The gift each family member got for their birthday in 2018."

I kind of love how it looks as though he is more quietly proud of these presents than he is of anything else in his life. I mean, who wouldn't want one of these!?

That Is One Hell Of A Carpet...

As a lifelong fan of Tom and Jerry, I feel as though I need this carpet in my house. I cannot think of a more perfect rug to own for the life of me!

"A quick way to fill up water balloons, there’s bands on the ends so they just drop off and self tie when they’re full enough."

Is the need for water-balloons really that great that someone had to come up with a device for filling up multiple ones at once?

"World’s Most Unnecessary Card Game."

It is almost like there is a version of this game that you can play with just your hands? Christ, I wish that I could remember how to play it!

"This reversible pillow..."

I really want one of these in theory. However, the idea of actually having Nick Cage staring at me through a reversible mask would probably put me off my food.

"This AK-47 guitar. What a shredding machine!"

Like most of the things on this list, I don't know why anyone would want this guitar. But hey, it exists and that is all that matters, right?

"Elvis’ Favorite Recipes."

So, since seeing this for the first time I have actually bought a copy, no word of a lie. I'll tell you what, this man like his butter!

"I hope those surgeons in Darwin are sterilising their instruments first."

I like the way that these guys think! This is a completely new level of using your environment to your advantage!

"There's a portable toilet seat that attaches to your car tire for pooping on the go!"

At least the people who own this car took the time to dig a little hole for their poop. It would be weird if they just left it lying around the place.

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