Man's Wedding Anniversary Tattoo Fiasco Has People Arguing Over Roman Numerals

Many couples relish the opportunity to get a tattoo dedicated to their significant other. However, for some they are something of a risk due to the chance that the relationship may not pan out as thought.

That being said, one man's wedding anniversary tattoo went wrong for slightly unusual reasons.

One woman shared a video to her TikTok channel detailing the fiasco.

TikToker Ashley Carlevato, @murphyandmay, posted a video chronicling the couples decision to get a commemorative tattoo on their first wedding anniversary.

Ashley simply captioned the video, "I knew I should have googled it for him," which warns of the disaster ahead.

Ashley's tattoo seemed to go off without a hitch!

Ashley opted to get a tattoo of her husband's initials on her ring-finger.

However, it seems that the secret to Ashley's tattoo going well was that it did not involve any Roman numerals.

"He was supposed to get our wedding date in Roman numerals on his arm," Ashley wrote as her husband's tattoo was revealed.

"We got married on Jan 1, 2019 (1.1.19), But instead, he got 11,919," she went on to explain in the video.

The video has since been viewed over 2.4 million times on TikTok alone.

Many individuals were quick to share their thoughts on the tattoo mistake.

A lot of debate quickly started over what XICMXIX actually meant in Roman numerals. One thing was for sure though, it was not the right date.

"I want to get ours done in Roman numerals but I'm TERRIFIED of this happening..." wrote one nervous viewer.

Most people simply agreed that they should have looked it up before getting it permanently tattooed.

"Don't ever get matching tattoos with your S/O. It jinxs the relationship. I know too many who have matching and are either no longer together or they argue and fight all the time," wrote one superstitious individual.

However, at least he has a tattoo that he will remember the story behind now if nothing else!

h/t: Mirror

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