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One Woman's Tattoo Fail Is Why I'm Always Scared To Get One

Many people like to express themselves through tattoos and other forms of body modifications.

Tattoos and piercings are a great way for people to express themselves. The difference is that tattoos are permanent and are very expensive to not only get, but also cover up and/or remove. So, if you get a bad tattoo, it can be a really big problem.

Recently, one TikTok user shared the horrifying story of her tattoo gone wrong.

TikTok user Holly shared a video of the tattoo she wanted originally when she had gone to her tattoo artist.

Many people share tattoo inspiration that they want when they are going to get a piece done. Then, artists usually recreate it in their own, unique way.

Holly said that she has gotten all of her work done by this guy.

Holly shared some of the pieces she had already gotten done, to showcase why she trusted the tattoo artist and went to him in the first place.

She had several from him that she loves and look extremely professional and well done.

In her previous tattoos, you can see how meticulous the artist was.

One thing about tattoos that are very important is the attention to lines and detail.

The linework is something that is incredibly important with tattoos because they are the basis and the outline of the entire piece.

In the tattoo Holly wanted, the line work was done super carefully.

The book inspiration piece had a lot of detailed lines and a lot of shadowing and work. Holly said she showed the tattoo to her guy, and he free-hand sketched a recreation on her arm.

But, all went downhill when he began tattooing her with the gun.

The outcome was shocking.

Holly showcased just how terrible her tattoo came out. Truly, it was a disaster.

It does not resemble books in any way and the linework is so bad, some say it looks like a child did it on her arm.

In later TikTok videos, Holly explained what went down.

Holly explained she lives in a very small town and her artist currently tattoos out of his home.

She's going through a pretty messy divorce and her tattoo artist knew this, so he offered a tattoo therapy session "free of charge" to cope.

Everything was going well until he began to ink her arm.

Holly said everything seemed totally okay and the two knew each other, having worked together before, but when he was tattooing her, he began slurring his words and his head continued to fall over slightly.

Holly was pretty terrified.

Not only was the man working on her with a dangerous tattoo gun, but he was clearly not okay. She was "scared" to say something because of what could happen if he got upset. So, she sat through it for quite some time.

Eventually, her friend called her staging an emergency and she left the tattoo artist's home. She hasn't spoken to him since, despite his want to "finish the tattoo."

Many people online were shocked, terrified, and upset for Holly.

Some say this "felt like it was on purpose" as someone can't do that kind of poor work on purpose.

Some asked if the artist knew her ex-husband, as she mentioned she's going through a messy and expensive divorce in a very small town.

Others said Holly should report him.

Despite knowing him, many said Holly should report this artist for illegally working out of his home.

Clearly, he is not in the right mind to be doing so and one person said "it's not about protecting his feelings."

One other suggested that she should be tested at a doctor's office.

Many said that the artist could possibly have been under the influence, which means he may not have sterilized his needles or other equipment used during the tattoo process, and, this can be dangerous and even lethal for Holly.

Poor woman, we hope she can get it fixed eventually!