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Women Share Dumb Things Their Exes Asked Them To Change About Themselves

Dating isn't easy.

There are mind-numbing first dates, ghosting that comes out of leftfield, and people who seem worse than the villains on The Bachelor.

And, despite your better judgment, you date some of these people for months — or even years.

Here, women are sharing the dumbest things their exes ever asked them to change out themselves. These are a doozy.

Her weight

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No ONE has a right to comment on someone else's body — especially not someone you love. So this Redditor was gutted when her college boyfriend said that she could "stand to lose a few."

Her antidepressants

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"The amount of men that ask me to come off antidepressants because 'don't I make you happy enough without the pills' Lord give me patience." - u/PandaConspiracy4000. What part of chemical imbalance do they not understand?

Her niceness

"'You're too nice, you need to stop that.' Said every time I gave money or food to a panhandler or charity, any time I expressed compassion for someone who wasn't him, and especially when we were watching George W Bush's invasion of Iraq and I was horrified at all the Iraqi people dying." - u/insertcaffeine

Her height


Oh, the fragile male ego! Since this Redditor dated a man who is 5'3 and she is 5'1, he wanted her to hunch her shoulders and only wear flats all the time. Heels would make her too tall, he said.

Her tattoos

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"I got a tattoo of a keyhole on my chest above my heart and dude flipped out about it and cried. HE CRIED. I don't even remember why he was crying, he really didn't like the fact that I put more ink on myself.. I just remember thinking holy [expletive] this dude is [expletive] crazy." - u/aMAEzingly

Her period

"My former spouse asked me to move my period because it fell on his three-day weekend and he refused to have sex with me when I was 'broken' so that was a real bummer for him." - u/tooterfish80

Her makeup

This Redditor dated a man who had the gull to ask her not to wear makeup. The reason why wasn't a sweet one, like "you are beautiful without it." Instead, he said, "My mom doesn't wear makeup."

Her hair dye

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"I dye my hair a lot, this is something I’ve always taken pride in and I LOVE my hair. My ex, on the other hand told me I wouldn’t meet his parents until I got rid of the crazy colors. I never met the parents." - u/Clementinecutie13

Her pets

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This girl had an ex tell her to get rid of her pets. The sweet, lovable animals that help most of us get through the day. So, what did she do? The right thing, of course! She got rid of him instead!

Her ethnicity

This one's a doozy. This girl's ex got mad at her when he found out that she was born in Romania (she was adopted by an American baby). So he said he couldn't date someone who "isn't actually white."

Her religion

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"My religion. He verbally assaulted me when I said I didn’t want to convert to Islam. He did a lot worse, but that’s where the abuse began." - u/sarah-exalted. This sounds like an episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

Her feminism


This woman's asked her to be more "agreeable" and not discuss feminist issues in his presence.

Does he want a Stepford wife with no thoughts and emotions as well? He'll have to travel to the 1800s for his dream girl.

Her breasts

It's no secret that a lot of guys like big breasts. But one ex took it too far when he asked his girlfriend to get a breast job. She was already a DD!

Her drinking

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"Mine wanted me to drink more because it wasn’t fun having a girlfriend who barely drank. He had the audacity to tell people afterwards that I was an alcoholic. Glad he dumped me!" - u/nothankyou3000

Her clothes


"He inspected my long skirt carefully, and said it was transparent and told me not to wear it. It was hardly transparent and I had leggings on underneath. I laughed at him and we ended up breaking up a week or two later. He was a clown." - u/arigato-cheburashka

Her emotions

This girl's ex didn't want her to cry, ever. He would say, "the women in my family would never cry unless their arm was being sawed off at the time.” That's great for him! Humans have emotions!

Her voice

"I can project, I come from a family of loud talkers. He's super shy, we've been together 16 yrs, he still cringes if I open my mouth outside in the 167 townhome complex we live in because 'someone might hear me.'" - u/heatherm70

Her birth control

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"At 16. Not because he wanted to try getting me pregnant (we weren’t even having sex) but because 'knowing that I wasn’t technically fertile made me seem less feminine.' Not to mention I was on it for debilitating cramps." - u/fliffers

Her whole personality


"My ex-bf wanted me to get tattoos, get gauges, pierce my nipples, and start doing a lot of drugs because iTd Be So hOt. He also wanted me to change my demeanor from upbeat to brooding and moody. That kind of happened naturally with him anyways because he was so soul-suckingly awful to be around." - u/petite-crevette

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