Mom Uses Cheap DIY Supplies To Create A Life-Size Gingerbread House In Her Home

Well, that's one way to lure Hansel and Gretel to your house.

One mom on TikTok has gone viral for a series of videos that shows her turning her house into a life-size gingerbread house for Christmas. This entire project is full of whimsy and Christmas cheer, but more importantly, everything is done using cheap DIY materials.

Let's take a look at how mom Kristyn Cole does it.

Her first project was for her walls.

Using some bead board and foam filling, Kristyn created frosting-like panels that she spray painted white. She then spray painted some plastic containers to look like jelly candy and adhered them to the "icing," creating a dotted candy pattern.

She adhered them to the wall with mounting tape.

Kristyn noted that you can also use nails to put the icing up, but you'll have to patch holes in the wall when Christmas is over. Mounting tape is much easier — just be careful not to rip your drywall.

Kristyn actually reuses as much as she can.

To create these giant candy pieces, she stuffed tissue paper into some paper lanterns she found on Amazon. She didn't glue anything down, because she wants to reuse everything for other holidays and birthdays!

She DIYs a lot of her decorations, too.

She hit up Dollar Tree to create these cellophane-wrapped candies! She used foam rounds, paint, and colored beads to create her candies. They then found a home in the area of her house she's calling The Candy Shop!

Speaking of the Candy Shop...

Here it is! Kristyn hit up Walmart to stock her candy shop up with all the best treats for her and her family. She put everything in some glass jars and popped her DIY giant candies on the wall for decor!

And let's not forget the outside of the house.

Kristyn reused her icing idea for the outside of the house, this time using the panels to frame her front door! She added in a garland and stuffed it full of little decorations she found at Hobby Lobby. She also put some gingerbread people outside and painted them to match her color scheme!

She even added curtain lights to her roof.

Now this is dedication. With a baby strapped to her front, Kristyn climbed up and down a ladder to hang gorgeous curtain lights from her window! She then pulled them across her ceiling and draped them right over her dining table.

When she's not decorating, she posts recipes on her TikTok.

But not just any 'ol recipe — she posts recipes to make your house smell like Christmas! This DIY involves making ornaments that smell like gingerbread all season long.

So, what do you think?

Would you take on the task of turning your house into a gingerbread house? I don't have the energy, but my god do I admire Kristyn and her creativity!

You can follow her gingerbread house journey on TikTok!