20 People Whose Day Took A Turn Which No One Else Would Have Predicted

Life can be anything but boring at times. Although, sometimes the ways in which life can spice things up are a little bit on the annoying or just downright weird side.

So, from people who accidentally formed alien beings to individuals who were shanghaied into terrible situations, here are 20 people whose day took a turn which no one else would have predicted!

"I fell asleep while I was heating up some mac n cheese."

This looks like something that a witch or wizard would use as an ingredient in a fantasy film. I feel as though I can hear all of the little mouths groaning with pain.

"Visited St. Louis for the first time and was told I had to see the famous Gateway Arch."

They at least got to see about 15% of it, if that much! The top of it isn't that important anyway, so long as you see the base of the legs, that's where the action is!

They Really Should Have Seen This Problem On The Horizon...

"I went to get my haircut from my mom who, hours earlier, said she went to the eye doctor and wasn't sure if she could see properly to do it but later on assured me she could," explained this regretful individual.

"CVS is getting weird with their offers."

"Excuse me, but why is that customer hosing down that employee?"

"That's one of our new offers that we're giving out when you make a purchase in-store."

"Do... Do the employees like that offer being in place?"

"Does it look like they like it?"

"Exhaust fan decided it didn't want to exhaust anymore in its rage it melted and dropped a bomb of its own onto the throne blowing it to pieces."

So, you're saying that it was exhausted with just being an exhaust fan? Don't worry, I'll show myself out.

"Looks as though it is toast for breakfast then."

Apparently, this is a more common occurrence than I had thought, with one traumatised person adding, "Happened to me once as a kid. Put me off eating cereal for like a year."

"The close-door button fell off, revealing it was never connected to the control panel."

Good to know that I have doubtlessly been lied to by many elevator control panels in my life. Just another thing to add to the pile of trust issues I have stacking up.

Well, That Is One Way To End A Lovely Date!

There is no way that you can come back from this one. What do you even text them to try and explain this situation away? Nothing can salvage this relationship I'm afraid.

"My popcorn bag's ink turned the pop corn blue…mild snacking inconvenience."

"I cannot believe that the bag's ink would turn the damn popcorn blue. I mean, that has got to be incredibly bad for you, right?"

"Then maybe you should stop eating it for God's sake!"

"Told the cake Shop owner to put some candles along with the cake."

Do you wish that your cake would be more environmentally-friendly by not burning things on the top of it, then why not write the word "candle" on it instead? One thing though, you really have to blow to put it out!

"Got my lunch stolen."

There are no prizes for guessing what happened here then! Also, even though they may have lost out on their sandwich, they did get a truly amazing picture out of the ordeal! Just check out the size of those claws!

"A side that I wasn't expecting with my steak."

Always wash your leafy greens before you eat them. Also, check the fine print on the bag, as yours may come with extra snails to give you a little protein boost...not that snails have much protein in them I imagine.

"Was woodworking a ring and checked the size. Now it isn't coming off."

Looks like they are going to have to cut their finger off, that is the only way forward that I can see. Also, by cutting the whole finger off they will probably be able to salvage the ring!

"McDonalds left a label in my burger."

I cannot believe that there are people out there who are getting free labels and snails as extras in their meals for free! I never get anything free like that in my food.

"My father had to be freed from the locked toilet this morning."

Are you worried about getting locked in your bathroom thanks to a dodgy lock? The have no fear, all you need to do is cut a giant hole in the middle of your door for you to crawl through! Say goodbye to privacy, and hello to peace of mind.

"When your tire goes bazooka..."

If I were this person then I would not want to be hanging around that close to this tyre. It looks as though it is ready to blow at any second! Avoid all instincts which are telling you to give it a kick!

"This stall door in a gas station bathroom."

At least this toilet door has the decency to make it so that you cannot lock eyes with anyone who might be waiting to use the toilet. That would just be weird!

"Who actually went through with this job?"

"Did you not maybe think that you should have put the trees in the flower beds that we had installed?"

"Ahhh, so that's what they are! Sorry, I thought they were permanent kitty litter boxes!"


"I was boiling myself an egg but I forgot to turn off the stove."

If I made this then I would be expecting a little tiny chest-burster to come crawling out of that thing and start wreaking havoc on the local mice population.

"I was drunk and someone put a block of wood next to my snickers bar and I bit it."

Just how drunk was this person? Also, why did someone happen to just have a snickers-sized block of wood to hand?

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