'Men In Black' Writer Responds After Girl Thinks Mom Is An Alien In Viral Video

There's something about the imagination of a child that makes us wish we never had to grow up. Because while children get bored easier than most of us, they've also got some legitimately creative and often hilarious ways of alleviating their boredom.

Unfortunately, there's a downside to pretty much everything is this world and imagination is no exception. Because while the little worlds they can create for themselves can be enviable, kids can also easily convince themselves to worry about things that aren't even real.

And while the absurdity of these situations can often be amusing for parents, it's also pretty tricky to figure out what they're supposed to do about them.

That seems to be a reality that the screenwriter of Men In Black understood all too well after one amusing video went viral.

On September 20, a woman who goes by Kira J posted a video on Twitter that featured her daughter crying.

And when Kira asked why, she held up her mom's passport and pointed to the picture you see here.

That didn't exactly clear things up so Kira proceeded to ask, "And what do you think that means?"

With that, the child said, "You're an alien!"

As Kira explained in the video's caption, "My daughter found my passport today & she thought it was paperwork to show I’m an alien. Shoulda never let her watch MIB."

Well, I can't judge. I was probably about the same age when I saw Men In Black for the first time. She obviously paid more attention to the part where the aliens were going through customs than I did, though.

Naturally, Kira explained that her passport shows all of the places she has traveled to.

So rather than being a marker that she's an extraterrestrial visitor, that picture is just someone's graphic of the Earth.

However, we can see from this clip that the child wasn't convinced, leading her to ask "You're scared of mommy now?"

Adorably, this was apparently brought to the attention of the original movie's screenwriter Ed Solomon, who clearly knew Kira would have her work cut out for her.

So as we can see, he replied with a very sweet, "My Bad. I apologize :)"

That was especially nice of him since it's not even like she blamed him for this predicament. Just herself.

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