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20 Times Real Life Played Tricks On Our Eyes

The eyes take in visual information, and the brain processes it. The vast majority of the time, this system works just fine. But sometimes, there's a disconnect in the process.

In these instances, we shouldn't blame our eyes or our brain. We should blame reality for being so weird.

"Great legs…"

Reddit | bucket_of_frogs

We hear a lot about unrealistic body standards, unattainable proportions and thigh gaps. I think this photo represents all of the above. Either that or it's a weird optical illusion that could only exist from this specific camera angle.

"A rail support on a tram."

Reddit | punchmagician

Have you ever seen Escher's crazy stairs painting? If he drew rail supports instead of staircases, I think this art might look something like this. I have no idea what's actually going on in this pic.

"He lifts bro..."

Reddit | porteboshkutta69

Look at it this one way and it's a dog photographed from an unattractive, butt-centric angle. Look away and look back at it and it becomes a disturbingly ripped dog. It can't be both things at once.

"Stop! What the heck are you doing over there! This is not a public toil.. Oh, never mind."

Reddit | IMissYouSooMuch

I love how his forward-leaning posture, bare legs and focus on his phone all conspire to make it look exactly like he's sitting on a toilet.

"This guy's bag looks like someone sleeping."

Reddit | nealynealster

"Excuse me, sir, it appears your friend has fallen asleep. We don't allow that here. Also, your friend appears to have no legs. We do allow that, but we still don't condone him sleeping."

"I swear my friend was in the boat but he somehow appears to be in the water..."

Reddit | eeememaa

I've looked at this for a few minutes now and still can't figure out what's happening. Like, it looks like he's on the outside of the boat and I can find nothing that explains it.

"A giant dog roams over a freshly plowed street."

Reddit | Miko54

I'd rather not have my neighborhood overrun by giant dogs, but if the unthinkable were to happen, this doggo doesn't look so bad. He's just curious and a bit derpy, not destructive.

"This is one picture."

Reddit | kaf23211

This one took me a moment. The rooftops have the same color as an overcast sky, and that, combined with them forming a relatively straight line, makes this look like two separate pics.

"A smooth white towel."

Reddit | MakarovPsy4

In real time, this would have looked like exactly what it is: a guy pouring a bunch of foamy beer over another guy's head. But when you isolate this one moment in time, it looks entirely different.

"Found on Tinder. Muppet woman?"

So the muppet face part is the guy's arms, I'm pretty sure, while the eyes are the woman's sunglasses. In a vacuum, the sentence I just wrote is pretty weird — kind of like this pic.

"Tree makes it look like the guy has an afro."

Reddit | Speeider

The tree doesn't just make it look like this guy has an afro, it makes it look like he has the biggest, most glorious afro of all time. It's a good look.

"Grinch remake."

Reddit | marmusha

Lots of Dr. Seuss's characters, the Grinch included, had vaguely cat-like facial features, complemented by weird squiggles. This cat looks so perfectly Seussian that this photo would make for a pretty good movie poster. It would probably be better than the Jim Carrey version.

"I spent five minutes wondering why this guy was staring at me."

Reddit | KDAWGMAN2008

Even after realizing that this is a poster, not a real guy, I still kind of wonder why the poster needs to be staring at me in such a judgmental way.

"Biden nominates giant for defense secretary."

Reddit | Desecr8or

If you're looking for someone who can shield you and provide excellent defense, it stands to reason that you might be looking for someone who's exceptionally large. Maybe that's what explains this particular nomination.

"Foot hand."

Reddit | onionrings4eva

We all know that this guy doesn't actually have hands for feet. If that's the case...where are his hands? You can see that he's wearing a red shirt, the sleeves of which extend into...feet. Not hands, feet. I'm so confused.

"I don’t care. It’s a chihuahua shirt."

Reddit | hansolo625

It's incredible how three well-placed black beads can transform an otherwise unremarkable white shirt into the spitting image of a chihuahua. There's no way she planned this, but if she did, she's a genius.

"Like a centaur, but a dog."

Even when you look at this pic long enough to not see the dog-centaur situation anymore, it's still pretty hilarious. It's like the dog wanted to pose for the pic, but then chickened out at the last second.

"The sky is missing some pixels."

Reddit | michaelbwang

Someone needs to contact the devs, because they've built a skybox that's laughably unrealistic. The textures don't even connect properly, and that's just sloppy. I expect better from a game that's otherwise photorealistic.

It's actually a super-black stealth plane.

"Just about had a heart attack. Shadow made it look like my work laptop was folded."

I think if this laptop was actually folded, it would look a whole lot messier than this. Heck, even if it did get folded, work should provide a new one.

"The pool looks like it is missing a wall, and the path lines up nicely."

Reddit | AddWittyNameHere

Alright, I give up. Every other photo in this list more or less makes sense when you look at it for a bit, but this one just blows my mind. I have no idea what's going on here.

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