Cats Everywhere Can Have A 'Meowy Christmas' With Festive Homes From Target

Have you figured out what you're getting your cat for Christmas?

If you haven't thought that one through yet, then allow me to pitch you one of the funniest cat things I've seen in a long time: a themed cat scratcher HOUSE.

They're only at Target (of course) and they're absolutely hilarious (of course.)

I am dying over these.

What I wouldn't give to humiliate my cat by shoving him inside this. The side of it says "Meowy Christmas," like are you KIDDING ME? This is the funniest thing ever.

The cat train is available for $25.

But what, there's more!

Eight more, to be precise. Yup, Target made a whopping nine different cat scratcher tree/house/train designs. This one right here is the ski chalet, perfect for the cat who is more into napping than scratching.

You can get the ski chalet for $15.

This one has TWO FLOORS.

Oh, this Christmas tree is giving me double decker vibes, y'all. Imagine your cats sitting inside this with absolutely no idea how hilarious they look. Imagine the pictures you could take.

You can get the double decker tree for $30.

Maybe you'd rather put your cats to work.

In that case, get them a toy workshop cat scratch house and let them go to town! The look of smugness on a cat's face as it perches atop a brightly colored workshop would be unmatched.

Get the kingdom scratcher for $17.

Why not take them camping?

This camper scratcher is perfect for the van enthusiasts in your life! Look how charming the camper decorations are. I love this one and its tiny little cat windows.

You can get the camper for $15.

Or go for a classic.

I mean, you kind of have to get this one. You could pop it right under the tree! Maybe it'll finally stop your cat from climbing the tree, eating the tree, or otherwise causing absolute chaos around the tree.

You can get the present for $13.

Or have them dash through the snow.

In a one-cat open sleigh, at that! Santa is going to have some very demanding company on his flight this year, that's for sure. He better bring some cat treats.

You can get the sleigh for $35.

Y'all KNOW I saved the best for last.

It's an entire SANTA'S VILLAGE, Y'ALL! I could not be happier right now. If you have three cats, you could legit put together the best Christmas card in the world.

You can get the whole village for $40.

So, what do you think?

Are you prepared to absolutely humiliate your tiny gremlins for Christmas? I would absolutely be doing that if I had access to a Target right now. Which one would you pick? Let me know!

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