Meet Midas: The Cat Born With An Extra Pair Of Ears

If there's one thing that's for sure about the Internet, it's that we absolutely love cute and adorable animals.

Whenever we see an animal that is a bit different than most, we can't help but swoon and fall completely and madly in love with it. Cat, dog, pig, cow, hamster—it doesn't matter what kind of animal it is, we just absolutely love them.

Recently, one cat has won over the hearts of the Internet.

Midas is a gray cat with adorable green eyes with a sweet, innocent little face that will make anyone melt. But, the Internet was drawn to the major difference that Midas has—an extra set of ears.

Midas has four ears, as appose to the average two ears on a cat.

According to LadBible, the deformity that Midas has is actually just a genetic mutation from Midas' parents. However, they don't look any less adorable or any less sweet! Midas looks absolutely dashing with those extra ears if you were to ask us.

Many were curious if Midas can hear out of all four ears.

As it turns out, the extra two ears don't help with Midas' hearing in anyway and, luckily, they don't interfere with her hearing at all, either. So, Midas is a perfectly healthy girl, just with a little more to love.

Recently, Midas was adopted, too.

The 4-month-old kitten was recently adopted by a woman who lives in Turkey and who is providing her with a loving and caring home. The owner hopes that by adopting Midas, others will see that all pets deserve loving families.

Midas also has a hidden surprise.

To show how much love she has to give, Midas' fur has a white heart on her belly. That truly makes her that much more adorable, don't you agree? The ears, the belly—it's truly adorable.

To make it even sweeter, Midas has a new sibling, too.

As shown on the owner's Instagram page made for Midas, she also has a dog named Suzy, who Midas adores. There are several videos of the two cuddling, hanging out, and playing together. Nothing is better than kitten and dog love!

The bond that these two share is unbreakable.

Midas shows she loves her pal Suzy frequently by cuddling and nuzzling her up—sometimes, even cleaning her fur for her. It's truly sweet to see the blossoming friendship that these two fur babies have made with each other.

This owner lucked out.

Having one pet that is loving and caring is the best, but having two pets that love and care for you is even better. And, when they get along, that's a blessing.

Many online have become avid fans of Midas.

Currently, Midas' Instagram account has over 48,000 followers, and every post racks up tons of comments from all over the world. Many are fascinated by her four ears, while others just love a sweet kitten to follow on the 'gram.

It's safe to say online are in love with Midas.

And, can you blame them? The 4-month-old kitten is just the sweetest, most affectionate, and an adorable little girl in the world. Every picture that her owner posts are cuter than the last.

It just goes to show you, not every "deformity" is a problem.

Midas may have four ears, but she is still the cutest little kitten we've seen today.

If you want to keep up with Midas' antics, you should follow her on Instagram and see her grow.

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