18 Odd Things Spotted At Target That Probably Made The Employees Cringe

I don't know about you, but I love to shop at Target. Unfortunately, there are no more stores in Canada. Don't ask me why, I think it's some kind of conspiracy, ha, ha!

However, as much as I liked shopping there, I don't think I've ever seen anything like these photos before. Frequent Target shoppers have you every spotted anything as strange as these pics?

1. This Bold Move

Can you believe the gall of someone to walk into Target, grab these cards, and open them up in the bathroom? To be honest, they could have just stuffed them in their pockets. I don't condone either, though.

2. This Nail Polish Station

Don't you wish that all nail polish bottles would come with a color swatch? Then at least nobody would have to resort to doing this in the store. I don't do this myself because I think it's pretty crass.

3. This Sad Incident

Can you imagine going to Target to buy some toys for your kids and encountering something as mean as this? Somebody actually ripped off the heads of these dolls here. Why would anybody do that? I'm so baffled.

4. This Crappy Move

If you can't move a cart two parking spaces, then perhaps you shouldn't shop at Target. All that walking must be tiring. So do the cart attendant a favor and just put the cart where it belongs, okay?

5. This Jerk Move

If it isn't those who leave shopping carts all over the parking lot, then there are these idiots. This person left two carts worth of stuff for no reason at all. Now, somebody has to put it all away.

6. This Generous Move

A Target employee was cleaning under the Christmas tree display and found this little gem. It looks like somebody couldn't get through their shopping list without having a beer or two.

But look, they even left one for somebody else who might need it.

7. This Total Vandalism

If you think somebody is stealing the keyboard keycaps, I hardly think so. Once you remove them, they're pretty much useless. So this person must've been quite bored or needed an outlet to take his frustration out on, right?

8. These Back-To-School Shoe Bandits

I bet it's not a lot of fun to work at Target during the back-to-school season because this is a scene they probably see every day. They honestly should get double the pay to clean up this whole mess.

9. This Terrible Mess

Speaking of people making a mess, this one here takes the cake. What in the heck happened here? That's what I would like to know. This isn't going to be too much fun to clean up, that's for sure.

10. This Grown-Up Fun

Yes, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. This is a grown woman sitting in a Target shopping cart. I guess she must've gotten tired from all that walking around. Now, she's going for a free ride.

11. This Cool Guy

One might consider seeing a kid throwing candy wrappers on the floor. Am I right? But when you witness a grown man do the same, it does make you wonder what kind of person they are. That's not cool, man.

12. This Inconsiderate Move

I get it people often change their mind about what they want to buy. However, next time just take that meat and put it back in the fridge, so it doesn't go bad. It's only fair.

13. "Caught this gem in a Target parking lot."

Seeing this in real life would make me so happy because who wouldn't want to see Woody and Buzz recreating a classic moment from Toy Story? Here's hoping these two don't fall off when the car goes over any speed bumps.

14. This Diaper Bandit

I totally understand that when you have to change your baby, you absolutely got to do it. But to leave a dirty diaper right on the shelf is beyond my grasp of things. There are trash cans in Target, too, you know.

15. This Shopping Disaster

If you're wondering what happened here, let me tell you. Apparently, a family came to Target to shop, and this is the mess they left behind. Can you believe some people? I feel out of place if I don't put away one shoebox

16. This Wild Encounter

If you were a passerby and saw this at a Target parking lot, what would you think happened here? I have no idea, but it's definitely not something you see every day, huh? I just want to know, how did this happen?

17. This Odd Behavior

Okay, I admit I've seen a lot of people do stupid things, but this ladies and gentlemen is a first. This guy was sunbathing right in the Target parking lot. Why? I just can't understand, ha, ha!

18. This Blatant Bad Behaviour

Oh wow! What's going on here? It's one thing to try to shoplift something and be inconspicuous about it, but it's another to try to walk out wearing it, tags and all. This is quite unbelievable, no?

Aww, I miss shopping at Target.

I wonder if you have ever encountered something as strange as these things here? Let me know in the comments below if you've seen people behaving badly or anything out of the ordinary. I'd love to know what else I'm missing out on.