20 People Who Thought Their 'Unique Vision' Was Simply Too Advanced For The World

Many people throughout history have been called "visionaries," however only a handful of people have really earned that title. There are some individuals who instead manage to confuse bad ideas with them thinking ahead of their time, and those are the people who we want to show off today.

So, please enjoy these 20 people who thought their 'unique vision' was simply too advanced for the world!

"Suddenly, I am not as thirsty as I thought that I was!"

"You mean you don't want this little fella to whiz some whiskey into a glass for you?"

"No, uncle Dave, for the last time I do not want that."

"You're a weird kid, always have been."

"Yes, I'm the weird one."

"This horrifically terrifying Christmas ornament."

Wow, this is a great way to put kids off Christmas. So, if you want your child to fear the prospect of putting the Christmas tree up, then you need this ornament on your tree!

"Heater at my job site."

Someone asked why he hadn't at least tied the thing down. However, the person who posted this replied, "I told him (an insulator) he could borrow a bungle but said it has never fallen off before..."

"When the crap gets clumping, you get to jumping!"

I was never any good on a pogo-stick when it was on solid ground, so I wouldn't fancy my chances at being able to use this monstrosity effectively — and I'm fine with that.

"Perhaps I'm just being childish, but doesn't it this guy look like he's banging a mannequin?"

It would probably not have been the first thought to go through my head when I looked at this billboard, but now that they have mentioned it there is something weird about how chipper he looks.

"I taped a small napkin to my hand to avoid having to drag sweaty palms across my screen."

This person accidentally invented the drawing glove, and yes that is a real thing that actually exists for people drawing on tablets.

"Installed my anti-tailgater device today. Now I just need to find something for folks who cut me off..."

Okay, this one is actually pretty genius. If I saw this on the back of someone's truck I would be getting out of their lane at any cost.

When You Work In The Gynaecology Department And Need To Improvise Some Christmas Decorations...

"Look, I just thought we could save a bit of money on the decorations this year by bringing some home from the office!"

"You know that saving money isn't what my issue is here, Dave..."

A Lamp Powered By The Souls Of Children Who Got Lost And Never Came Home...

I didn't realise at first that whoever made this has engraved, "I'm fine," into the forehead of this horrific creation. I refuse to believe that anyone would ever buy this!

That Is A Pretty Interesting Business Model...

"You told me that this job would be done quickly, I've been waiting for months now for you to..."

"Bro, time is not as linear as you are perceiving it to be. You need to free your mind."

"Just give me my damn car back."

"Spare Pokémon cards and a bathroom that needed decorating..."

I could see this having been quite a cool aesthetic if they had not just completely randomly stuck the cards onto the wall. Although, it would still be quite an assault on the eyes!

"Told my mate he should write a 'w' on the box."

I think that it is his mate who is the anker in this instance not the box! Still, what a life it would be to be so blissfully naive of the world around them.

"Apparently my daughter is pretty good at science."

While she may be good at science, she has clearly missed a trick here. The right thing to do would have been to coast along smashing easy work and never challenging herself, that's how to live!

"The fifth floor of our building has been held up by jacks for 20+ years."

One person added, "Each of these can support between a quarter of a ton to half a ton up to 5 tonnes in compression. They really are good, and they look like they're in good condition still. However, [they] are garbage under seismic conditions. Leaving these in for 20 years is completely criminal."

"I am at a loss of words right now."

I think that the kid's writing is far more legible than the teacher's writing! There are some teachers who just dedicate their life to making kid's lives hell and I have no idea why.

"I stepped on a lego created by the devil."

I think that Lego are just going out of their way to punish parents nowadays, there is no way that the designers didn't know that this would end up in some poor parent's foot!

"Found this guy digging in a manhole on busy four lane road. No cones, no truck, just an orange vest."

This guy clearly spent a lot of his life playing Frogger to be this confident hopping around in the middle of the road.

"The hotel I'm staying in is keeping the plastic covers on its fire alarms to keep them newer for longer."

That will certainly do the job of keeping the fire alarm in great condition. Although, the same cannot be said for the condition of the hotel if a fire were to break out.

"I wonder what's inside…"


Maybe it is just a travelling planetarium, judging from the drawings on the side that could very well be the case. Not sure that I would want to peep inside and check though, that feels like it would be a bad idea.

Introducing, The Brand New Jetskiyak!

This weird vehicle was on sale for the cheap price of $3,500! This means that for $3,500 you could own a machine that will definitely be the thing that brings about your untimely death! What a steal!

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