30 Unusual Pics Of Times When The World Played Tricks On Us

There are some times when it just feels like the world is trying to play tricks on us. Whether it's because we saw something unexpected, or something we'd think was impossible, or some kind of optical illusion, the world always seems to have the upper hand.

This list shows some unusual moments that maybe shouldn't have happened, but happened anyway. We live in such a weird world.

"I bought the same soup, same can size, but one has 3 less grams of protein."

I guess they changed the amount of soup that comes in each can, and this person ended up with the old and new packaging. Still, though, it's got to be kind of annoying. Maybe they were banking on those 3 grams!

"The word ‘Jeep’ upside down is 'deer!'"

I've never noticed this before, and now I'm never going to be able to unsee it. I mean, it's "deer" with a really weird, large R, but it still looks a lot like the word.

"A mislabelled pack of sugar."

Hey, wait a minute... that's not brown sugar! Something must've gone horribly wrong in the brown sugar factory for that bag to remain white like normal, refined sugar. I wonder if there are more bags like that.

"The taillights on this car read 'RUN LOL.'"

Do you think the car manufacturer did that on purpose, or was it a total coincidence? In any case, it just seems so wrong. And yet, I can't bring myself to look away.

"Guy in front of me at the stoplight was delivering a trailer full of trailers."

I never once wondered how they transported trailers, but I guess I know now. This doesn't seem like something we were supposed to see. Like, it feels wrong somehow. Forbidden trailer trailer.

"My Mom and Dad live on opposite sides of the country. Both sent me the same birthday card."

I doubt that these parents decided to send the same card, but it would've been really funny if they did decide to coordinate like that. Nothing like a cross-country prank on your kid on their birthday.

"This drainpipe at a train station."

Someone decided to put googly eyes on this drainpipe, and I can't decide if it's an improvement or not. Is it kind of funny? Well, yeah. But would it have looked better without the eyes? Who can say?

"My bag of 6 bagels came with 7."

This is an example of a time when the universe gives you a good surprise (instead of a weird one). I mean, who wouldn't want to have an extra bagel at no extra cost?

Too bad they're onion-flavored, but I guess some people like that.

"My maple syrup formed rock candy at the bottom of the jug."

Sugary things like syrup and honey tend to crystalize over time, but that doesn't mean they're bad! Just heat 'em up and they'll be as good as new.

Too bad about the packaging, though. Time to find a jar.

"This tree looks like it's flipping the building off."

This feels like Mother Nature is in a bad mood or something. I mean, with the state of the environment as it is, who can blame her? Still, that's a little rude, don't you think?

"We placed a flashlight in this lamp when the power was out the other day and it created this optical illusion with my fake bricks."

You could say that the lighting in this room is making the fake brick look even more like fake brick. Don't you just love it when lighting makes things worse?

"Publix has cookie cakes that look like pies."

Let me get this straight... they're pies that are actually cakes that are actually cookies? Talk about being incredibly confusing.

And yet, they look good enough that it almost doesn't matter what they really are.

"I stumbled across a headstone with fries engraved on it."

I mean, I guess there's no harm in putting some fries on your gravestone. Still, it's pretty strange. Like, of all the things you want people to remember you by, it's fries?

You know what? That's kind of cool.

"My 3 dollar basil plant from a grocery store is now almost as tall as me."

You know, I've never seen a basil plant that was taller than, like, a foot. All the ones I've ever owned never got that tall before dying. This one, though, makes me believe that anything is possible.

"This conference room I used today with carpet going up the walls."

I want to say that I'd be completely unsurprised if I saw someone walk on those walls like they would on the floor, but let's face it, I'd still be surprised. I just don't like what's going on here.

"The baby carrot I got today was round."

Are... are we sure that's a baby carrot? It looks more like a frozen egg yolk to me. I'm sure it tastes... normal, but to be completely honest, I probably wouldn't trust it. Straight to the compost it goes.

"Weird hamburger crumb that looks like a seahorse."

Okay, I was a little bit concerned for a second because that truly looks like some kind of charred seahorse. But it's just a hamburger crumb, which is a lot easier to explain away.

"This rock I found looks like a goat’s eye."

I just love how specific this is. It doesn't just look like an eye, but like a goat's eye. It isn't an eye at all, though, which is nice, because it would be a really weird thing to pick up with your bare hands.

"Went on a hike and saw this rock that looks like a skull."

I feel like this is how ghost stories and urban legends come to be. Someone sees a rock that kind of looks like something spooky, and then they tell everyone they saw a ghost. And yet, it's never a ghost (or a skeleton).

"Glad I don't have a pet, or this Shreddies-poo would have been a lot more traumatising!"

Now that's how you ruin a perfectly good bowl of Shreddies. Even though there's a 99.9% chance that this bit is just a deformed piece of cereal and not animal droppings, I still wouldn't trust it. I'd probably end up throwing the cereal away completely.

"My glass measuring cup melted in the microwave."

Either this glass measuring cup is secretly plastic, or this microwave got hot enough to melt glass. And to be honest, I'm not sure which one of those options would be more likely.

"Once per day the sun is reflected off a street sign just at the right angle so that I have my own private rainbow."

Sometimes, I feel like light is just one big joke. I mean, how is it that it can create colors like this (I know, I know... science)? Man, the world is such a strange place.

"My pizza came unsliced so I’m eating it calzone style."

I guess this is just what happens when you need to adapt to a situation. Still, I feel like when you eat pizza like this, you're going to end up losing friends because everyone will think you're weird. Hopefully this person doesn't eat like this all the time...

"Sunlight through the textured cone makes my dog's hair look crimped."

I'm trying to figure out how this dog is feeling based off this picture. It looks a little annoyed, and that could be from having its picture taken, having to wear a cone, having fake crimping, or some combination of the three.

"I ordered shoes online. They came with an attached in-store security cable."

There's a good chance that, if this was bought from a legit store, then they just forgot to take the tag off. But if this was bought from some third-party seller, they could be stolen. Either way, you gotta get that tag off somehow.

"My jeans shadow looks like a face."

I always find it amazing how you can make cool shapes out of the shadows of really weird, random things. Those jeans don't look like a face, and yet they look like a face.

"This toilet paper roll was cut short."

Okay, wow. Talk about getting ripped off. Or maybe this is how toilet paper is supposed to look, and every pack that says something along the lines of "8, but are double the size so it's like having 16," has just ruined our perception of toilet paper.

"Me and my grandmother enjoy collecting crab molts; I found a perfect one a few days ago."

I... don't know how to feel about this. It's literally just a whole crab. And yet, it isn't even a crab. How can you have that in your house and not be afraid it's going to move at any moment?

"Frog that blends in to concrete."

It might take you a second to spot it, but there is, in fact, a frog just chilling in the middle of this wall. I wonder if that frog new it was camouflaging on that concrete, or if this is just a wild coincidence.

"This tree in my neighbourhood that has 1 branch of an apple tree and the rest is a normal tree."

This seems illegal. Like, it isn't illegal, it just seems like it should be. A tree can't be two trees. After all, it's just a tree.

Ugh, this is really confusing me.

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