20 Ridiculous Signs That Only Exist Because Some People Are The Worst

Have you ever seen a sign that's so specific, so passive-aggressive, that you can't help but wonder what went down for someone to post it? Well, sadly, these kinds of signs get posted all the time.

Humankind really is the worst. Don't believe me? Check these signs out for yourself; they only exist because some people don't know how to behave, after all.

"Found this in my apartment's stairwell. Give them their granny back!"

I mean, stealing is bad no matter what, but this is especially horrible. You really never know what you could be taking from someone and how important it could be to them. Like, it was someone's grandmother, for goodness' sake!

I've heard of porch pirates before, but this is on a whole other level.

Meanwhile, this person is stealing a whole welcome mat. Like, why? For the thrill of stealing from someone? Because yours is wrecked and you're too cheap or lazy to buy a new one?

People will literally take anything they can carry, huh.

Again, this is just mean. I wish thieves would think for a second about the people they're stealing from. The world would be a much better place if we had a bit more respect for each other.

Talk about airing all your dirty laundry in your front yard.

I'm not gonna lie, the husband kind of deserves it. Not one, but two women? At the same time? While his wife was taking care of his sick mother? I'd say he got off easy with this sign.

"The fact that this sign was needed on a water fountain."

I just want to know what goes through a person's mind when they decide to use a fountain as a foot washer. Like, why would you go through all of that effort to do something so gross?

Come on, guys, have some respect!

It sucks that people would seriously litter all over this innocent tree, but I'm not gonna lie, "authoritree" is such an amazing pun that this is almost worth it (not even close, but still).

The fiber optic cable black market must be booming, though.

It would be really nice if people didn't steal wires to sell the copper off them in general, but come on, people. Fiber optic cables don't have copper wire. It's glass. You're just ruining people's internet for no reason.

Way to stay classy.

Why would you pour alcohol into your Slush Puppy while in the store? I mean, it's weird that anyone would do that at all (such a strange combination), but if you're gonna do it, at least wait until you leave the place.

Subway is putting its foot down against scammers.

I'm not going to lie, the idea that people have been doing this for so long is kind of funny. But I do also feel bad for the Subway workers who have to put up with scammers. Way to ruin it, guys.

"People are really that desperate?"

Okay, I get it. Finding a PlayStation 5 for sale is almost like winning the lottery. But do you seriously expect that the display is going to be real? Some people need to learn to use their heads more.

Okay, but like, why?

Was this supposed to be some kind of prank? Because I can't think of any other reason why someone would steal a bunch of plants out of a garden. Talk about being incredibly rude for no reason.

"This sign that had to be put up at my work. Staff only bathroom."

If you're going to pee in the shower, do it at home (it's still gross, but no one can stop you), not in a place where other people also use that shower. Like, have a bit of respect.

"Seen above the urinals in an expensive office block in Miami."

You'd think that the people who work in an expensive office block would have a bit more class. But this just goes to show you that anyone can be disgusting, even people in high-paying jobs.

Did they seriously think no one would notice?

I... I don't even have words for this. Like, dogs can't use the toilet, so they have a pretty good excuse for pooping outside. But we literally invented toilets so we wouldn't have to do this. Just use one maybe.

Yeah, but it'll be worth the TikTok views, right?

I feel like an old lady for saying this, but some TikTok trends are just plain dumb. They let disrespectful kids do disrespectful things without repercussion. Sometimes, I feel like the internet was a mistake.

It's almost like people forgot that actual restrooms exist.

I, for one, am grossed out beyond belief. I hate how it takes a few super inconsiderate (and unsanitary) people to ruin something good for everyone else. And the poor workers who have to clean that up!

There's a time and place for everything. But not here.

This is one of those things you'd think would go without saying. Like, who in their right mind would be going to the doctor's office to clip their nails? Just do it at home, in the bathroom, like a normal person.

"Taking Costco sampling to another level."

Either one of two things could be happening here: people are taking spices home because they ran out and are too cheap to buy more, or they wanted to add a bit of extra flavoring to the free Costco samples. Either way, maybe don't do this.

I feel bad for whoever had to complain enough to get this sign posted.

I want to know what kind of barn these people were raised in, because that's just gross. Toilet paper is meant to be flushed in toilets. Like, it's literally in the name.

Well, looks like the writing's on the wall here.

I feel like that sign was put on after people wrote on the walls, but you just know that people ignored it anyway. At least this is nothing a little paint can't cover up.

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