30 Times We Wondered What The Hell Was Going On In Someone Else's Head

There is no explaining what goes on in the minds of others, as some of the ideas that other people come up with can often just leave the rest of us scratching our heads.

From people who decided that their best mode of transport was an exotic animal to individuals who left the creepiest things in their desk drawer, here are 30 times we wondered what the hell was going on in someone else's head!

Your Debit Card Is Ready With The Tap Of A Fingernail!

It is not only super stylish but it is also pretty practical as well! Although, the rate that my mates manage to break their nails would probably make this a pretty dangerous thing to do.

"This person's tattoo!"

I mean, it is certainly an easier option than going to the gym every day and getting genuinely ripped. What a commitment this is, and it's not a commitment that I think I would necessarily want to make.

The Sleep Bus!

The person who posted this explained:

"A 5 hour (47 miles) bus journey around Hong Kong for people to sleep on. The tour is designed for people who can't sleep at night but fall asleep easily on the bus to and from work. Costs $13 to $51 depending on whether they choose the upper or lower deck."

"My roommate sometimes brings home weird stuff!"

The little sign on the top of this also read, "Don't remove from fridge thanks!" And I thought that I have had some strange roommates in my time. At least none of my roommates filled the fridge with spiders.

"Mac & Cheese flavored ice cream… And yes, it is incredibly bad."

The phrase "A life without anything good in it is bad" seems like a weird thing to put on this packet, as there is no way that this is in any way good, surely?

A Wedding Dress Made Entirely Out Of Balloons!

I dread to think of what this would sound like whenever she moved in it. Everyone at the wedding would have to wear earplugs when she was walking down the aisle surely?

"Just spotted an eyelash extension vending machine in Hull, U.K."

The fact that this is an entire vending machine dedicated to just eyelashes is baffling. Could they not have put some other toiletry-type items in there as well for a bit of variety?!

"My dog was really weirded out by another dog at the park..."

Wow, that is one hell of a creepy-looking dog. Although, it does kind of look as though that dog knows exactly how creepy it is being and is relishing it!

"Shed all of your cheese to some sick riffs."

This seems like one of those things that would be a great idea until you actually have to try and use the tiny little holes at the corners of the flying v.

"My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer."

This feels as thought it would be a part of a modern art installation. I wonder if their girlfriend has thought about becoming a sandwich-based artist? It's a niche field but there's an opening!

Hair Nails Are The New Trend That Everyone Is After!

Can you imagine how much cats would love to cause carnage with these nails! I don't actually hate them as much as I should, but the thought of them getting wet is also going through me.

"Carrot ketchup found in polish supermarket..."

A part of me really wants to try this so that I can see what it tastes like. However, I am very aware that this will probably just taste of carrots, surely? If it tastes like anything else then something has gone very wrong!

"When a bottle of wine breaks in your backseat and you pull into a grocery store parking lot to clean it up, you will get a lot of weird looks."

They ought to get a small speaker and play weakening moaning sounds from inside the boot as well to really complete the image.

"Kids have some weird names these days."

And I though that Zapp Brannigan had a hard time with the word champagne! I hope that they spelt this name like this deliberately...although, I don't know how much consolation that would bring the child.

"What a weird-looking bike."

You know what, I have been staring at this picture for a few hours now and I don't think that is a bike at all. I think that it might actually be a cow! Trust me!

"The look on Weird Al's face says it all."

What also distressed a lot of people about this picture is that the guy with the tattoo had missed a lot of the belt loops on his trousers. It's amazing what some people will take issue with!

"Always leave something weird in your office desk for the next person."

I wonder why Scott and Andrew's pants have been packaged up into the same bag? What a nice little touch, it really builds up the intrigue for whoever finds this!

"Grown-ups are weird..."

"Hi, how are you?"

"Well, you know, been a bit up and down at the moment. It's just with my mum being in the hospital and all that..."

"Oh, you're actually going to answer? Wow, that is pretty damn rude!"

"My sister lives in Florida and sends some weird pictures of people. This was most recent."

Despite most people, including myself, thinking that this was a zebra, one person did add: "It's a horse. Look at the tail and mane. Zebras have ropey tails and the manes are short and vertical — and also striped. But definitely eye-catching!"

"Weird dinner choices, but who am I to judge?"

"Hi, can I get the Alfredo Spaghetti Children option please?"

"Sir, I'm sorry but these are just separate ingredients, they're separate dishes with the last one being the children's meal."

"Well, someone could have told me that before I wasted a journey coming here!"

"This terrifying Christmas ornament..."

I thought that it was common knowledge that Santa kept an eye on all of the children of the world by utilising fleshy eye drones that linger in kid's rooms all year round. What a creep that Santa guy is.

"Our friend decided to pour drinks on my 100+ year old record player."

What, no coaster? The guy who did this is nothing short of an animal then, clearly! Christ, I have turned into my mother without even realising it.

"Suddenly, I find myself no longer thirsty..."

It would be quite apt to fill it with Bud Lite or maybe Carlsberg, seeing as how they both taste like piss anyway. Actually, that's not a very fair comparison on piss really.

"Yes that is a ratchet strap, yes those ARE power lines, yes it is been like this for 3 months."

This is an absolute deathtrap. Although, there were a few people who said that the idea of standing on that porch looked scarier to them.

"The Michelin Buddha."

I am pretty amazed that they made this look so good considering that it is made out of cut-up tyres! I mean, I wouldn't want one being put up in my garden, but I can appreciate the craft!

A Pair Of Cracking Egg Heels!

Is this it? Is this the moment that fashion finally goes too far? Surely there can be no more fashion after this, this just draws a line under everything that has come before it!

"My neighbor has been giving me repeated note to cut down my trees, these are my trees…"

Someone suggested that this person ask their neighbor for $10,000 as a quote for getting them removed, to which this person responded: "We went over that, he said he didn't have that kind of money, neither do I f**k wit."

"Jesus still wants you to come home."

So, if you have found that you have accidentally, or intentionally, wiped out half of the entire life of the universe then do not fret! Jesus is still waiting for that call from you!

"I am at a loss of words right now."

I think that the kid's numbers look a damn sight neater than this teacher's handwriting if I'm being honest! And people wonder why there are some kids who just cannot stand going to school.

"Five Guys in France uses these chips to prevent you from getting refills like in America."

This chip will also mean that your cup self-destructs as soon as you have finished, sort of like Tom Cruise's sunglasses at the start of Mission Impossible 2.

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