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People Share Weird Things They've Seen At Someone Else's House

Everybody's family has its own definition of what constitutes normal. But sometimes, you don't realize how far-fetched your reality is until someone else points it out to you.

If you think that your family is a little out there, you really have no idea. Have a look as these people share some of the truly weird things that they've seen at someone else's house.

That's got to be a fire hazard.

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"I had a friend in high school whose mother was a hoarder. There were little pathways throughout the house, but it was filled — from floor to ceiling — with junk." - Reddit u/ferrariguy1970

Would you turn down that infernal racket!?

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Back when Redditor RustyShreklford was just a kid, their neighbors used to listen to the TV at max volume. They'd constantly scream at one another and could be heard all throughout the neighborhood.

Sure, snow angels are fine and well — but have you ever made garbage angels?

"When I was around 10, I had a friend whose home had a room that was just filled to the ceiling with trash, and they'd start playing in it!" - Reddit u/Ghostshriek

Can you moove over, please? I'd like to sit down.

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Reddit user Veg305 had a friend that grew up on a farm. One day when they went over to play, they walked in to find a cow inside the living room.

The world is your toilet.

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"I was at a house where someone was in the bathroom, so the kid who lived there went into the back garden, took a shit in the flower bed, and shoveled dirt on top of it. The bathroom was free by the time he'd finished." - Reddit u/anti-theft-device

Now I've seen everything.

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You'd think that there is no wrong way to eat ice cream, but you'd be wrong. According to Redditor sleeknub, they once saw a friend's parents serving ice cream with their bare hands — without gloves or anything!

What on earth did I just walk into?

"My friend's family walked around nude at home 24/7. My friend invited me over to play Nintendo after school. When we got inside, he stripped down butt-ass naked and went to make a sandwich!" - Reddit u/krmsyn

You've gotta watch what you eat.

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Redditor Prudovski used to have a friend who was one of nine siblings. Whenever Prudovski went over for dinner, the friend used to tell him to protect his plate — otherwise, the older kids would come along and snatch their food!

Not at my table you don't!

"At every meal, my ex's parents would set a plate on the table for the dog. The dog would sit in a chair and eat at the table with the people." - Reddit u/WildRonin24

""I saw my friend spit in her house, straight onto the carpet. I didn't go back." - Reddit u/kb1878

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I know that smoking often gets hailed as the worst habit a person can have, but for me, it's the second-worst. Nothing, in my opinion, is as vomit-inducing as watching/hearing someone hock a loogie.

I'm burning for you.

"I shared a house with a bunch of people who regularly set their farts on fire. I don't know why. They just did. And they weren't even drunk. This was just normal behavior for them!" - Reddit u/CrunchityFrog

That's just not safe.

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Fifteen years ago, Redditor manks2016 was visiting a friend for the weekend. When they walked in, they notice that the burners on the stove were lit but nothing was cooking. It turns out that their friend was using the stove to heat the apartment.

Then what did they do with the knife?

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"When I was 18, I went over to the house of the new girl I was dating, and her parents had a giant dildo on the living room shelf next to a collection of Nazi knives. Apparently, if you did something stupid, you got hit with the dildo!" - Reddit u/theyellowtacomaking

Toilet seats aren't just for kids.

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Reddit user ajeezy629 used to have a friend who thought that the toilet seat was only for kids. They used to sit on the edge of the bowl whenever they had to go, and only realized the error of their ways one fateful playdate.

This kind of thing can't be healthy.

"The weirdest thing I've seen is when my friend's mom told him to 'masturbate later today,' just casually, like it was a regular thing to say to your kids. He was just like, 'Yeah, sure.'" - Reddit u/JandK1

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