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20 Great Ideas That Show A Ton Of Ingenuity

Great ideas don't need to be life-changing or even game-changing. Sometimes, they just offer a tweak to the formula that we already know. Let's celebrate these subtly brilliant ideas, and hope that the universe brings us even more cool stuff to see.

"Wegmans has a 'No Candy' Lane, so parents don't have to drag their kids past [*sic*] a wall of sugar if they don't want to."

Reddit | 360-survey-jerk

Whether parents are trying to save a few bucks or just save their kids' teeth, there are lots of reasons to avoid the candy aisle. This Wegman's gets it.

"The Xbox Series S has little bumps so it’s easier to find which port you need they are not visible."

Reddit | ItsMeJangoFett

When media cabinets are dark and cables are short, it's time to fumble around in an effort to make those connections. These coded bumps must make things a little bit easier.

"My printer asks me if I want to just use the black cartridge if another cartridge is empty."

I don't know why printers insist on using the color cartridge, even to print stuff in black and white, then claim they're empty once the color ink is depleted. This printer does what all printers should.

"Supporting local business."

Reddit | crisdolmeth

The pandemic has been absolutely brutal for small businesses, while big corporations have largely been able to move on, full steam ahead. It's nice to see the big fish give the small fish a small amount of acknowledgement.

"This body wash tells you what each ingredient is and where it’s derived from."

Reddit | itsdaveLA

Do you ever look at the ingredients in your body wash and wonder what hexymethyglyciphate is? Yeah, me neither, but if you are so inclined, this body wash has you covered.

"Micro Center taking the fight to scalpers."

Reddit | cubiclewarrior50

For reasons more complicated than I can fully understand, there's been a shortage of computer chips and video cards during the pandemic. Naturally, this stuff is getting scalped for ludicrous prices, so this computer store is fighting back.

"This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type."

Reddit | artemekiiaht

More instructions should exist in harmony with the items they're instructing you to assemble. With this system, you only need to open each individual bubble as you need it.

"These birdhouses that work as roof shingles."

Reddit | kersedlife

I love the idea of each individual shingle serving as a potential home for a bird. It might use a little more material, but the dual purpose, bird-friendly design ought to make up for it.

"Books-A-Million puts a slip of paper under the stickers on their books to prevent sticker residue being left on the covers."

Reddit | cynbad719

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but you also don't want your books to have ruined covers, you know? I love this simple solution.

"The strings on this fan show which string does what."

Reddit | G0pherholes

I've fumbled around with many ceiling fans in my life, devices whose functions aren't immediately apparent. Aside from being a practical solution, I love how cute the little lightbulb and fan are.

"The package that carried my father's insulin came with special ice packs that you can use as plant food or pour down the drain."

Reddit | bsh4ff3r53

When there's perfectly good water sitting around, water that could be used for plant hydration, the packaging may as well point it out, right?

"TSA friendly size."

Reddit | d7mtg

Whether this is sold at or near an airport doesn't matter. It's just nice to see products that recognize their potential applications. Knowing that you can get this through airport security is nice peace of mind.

"Website has a 'Jump to recipe' button to skip the anecdotal story from the writer."

Reddit | uncanny_mac

I don't know why so many online recipes have long backstories and extended universes, but most of the time, you just want to get to the recipe, not read someone's biography.

"Local pizza place uses a garlic knot to prevent the cheese from touching the box."

Reddit | swimfastalex

There's nothing wrong with those little white table thingies. They serve their purpose and can be used as dollhouse furniture. That said, they aren't a delicious garlic knot.

"Public bench with pillow."

Reddit | adnansom

Most of the time, the stuff you see on public benches is designed to discourage comfort. This bench zigs where other benches zag, and actually looks fairly comfortable — at least as comfortable as something with a steel pillow could be.

"Lyft making sure I’m not being kidnapped."

Reddit | infinitehangout

Historically I've been more of an Uber rider than a Lyft rider, but now that I think about it, Uber has never given me a friendly check-in to make sure that I'm not being kidnapped.

"First time I’ve seen something like this, so cool."

The retail experience can feel hectic and overwhelming at times, and it would be nicer if things would just chill out somewhat. This store gets it, and I wish more places would do something similar.

"Lego explains."

Reddit | gary_twn

Lego just seems like the coolest company that's ever existed, and this explanation for their plain boxes makes me like them even more. Something very cool is inside, so they don't need a flashy box to advertise it.

"These upside-down charger sockets on a train table that prevent cable damage."

Reddit | redhots_

I'm not too familiar with non-North American power outlets, so I'm just going to take OP's word for it that this is a great idea that will prevent cable damage.

"This 'waste-reducing' hotel bar soap that’s 'designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars.'"

Reddit | yo_lili

It's a neat idea in theory, but I have a feeling like this soap will eventually fold in on itself like a collapsing star.

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