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Brewery Surprises 106-Year-Old Woman With Truckload Of Her Favorite Beer

Many people from history have tried to figure out and craft their own elixirs which will provide them with an incredibly long, healthy life! However, it seems that one Pennsylvanian woman has put her longevity down to something which you may not expect — one specific American beer.

In response to finding this out, the Brewery behind her favorite beer sent her a truckload in celebration!

Margaret Dilullo puts her long, healthy life down to drinking one beer a day.

Specifically, Margaret enjoys a nice cold Yuengling lager every day.

People have been taking Margaret's secret to a long-life quite seriously due to the fact that she shows no signs of slowing down at the age of 106!

Yuengling lager decided to surprise Margaret with a truckload of her favorite beer in honor of her.

In celebration of Margaret's love for their beer, the Yuengling brewery turned up at her house with enough beer for her to have one for every year of her life.

The brewery also made sure that Margaret had enough to share the amazing day with her family and friends!

Margaret was incredibly moved by the generous gift.

"I didn't expect to see that big truck pull up in front of my daughter's house. It was a wonderful surprise," Margaret told Today.

"I think it'll be the biggest surprise of my life. It was my day. I can't believe that I could have anything to surpass it. It was wonderful," she went on to add.

Margaret is keen to keep her tradition of drinking a beer a day alive.

"As long as I can, I will [keep the tradition going,]" she explained. "I think we have enough Yuengling to last the rest of my life."

While Margaret cannot remember exactly when she started drinking Yuengling, she knows that she hasn't drank any other beer for as long as she can remember!

This is a health kick that I can definitely get on board with!

While Margaret was unwilling to share any of her other secrets about how to live a long and healthy life, this is at least a tradition that most people will be happy to subscribe to!

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