People Are Speculating That Kate Middleton Paid Homage To Princess Diana During Recent Appearance

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is known for having amazing style. She's also known for her philanthropic efforts, being an awesome mom, and being the future Queen of England, but we'll save those points for another day.

Do you know who else was known for a similar array of things? The late Princess Diana

Now, fans are speculating that the Duchess of Cambridge was honoring her late mother-in-law with her latest public appearance.

One of the things the Duchess of Cambridge is known for always having perfect outfits.

Since her high-profile nuptials to Prince William in 2011, fans have been dying to see what the 39-year-old will wear to every major event.

Most recently, HRH's look for the National Service Of Remembrance ceremony has been making fans speculate.

Fans of the duchess will know she doesn't often wear wider brimmed hats, and usually opts for a fascinator with netting for this annual event.

This bold choice soon had fans wondering if Kate purposefully planned out her headpiece.

As Royal fans know, the late Princess Diana was usually spotted wearing a wide-brimmed hat to these annual gatherings.

Pictured here in 1993, fans noticed a similarity between Diana's hat and Kate's hat, as well as their cluster of poppies adored on their right shoulder.

The comparisons didn't stop there.

Elizabeth Holmes, author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style speculated that the hat was also a tribute to Queen Elizabeth, as per People.

It's no secret that wide-brimmed hats have become a staple of HM's wardrobe.

As fans know, the monarch made the decision not to attend Sunday's event after spraining her back, as per a statement given by the palace.

Wether this homage was intentional or not, it's nice to think that Kate was honoring two very important women on such an important day.

h/t{ People