30 People Who Expected A Lot From The World...But Got Very Little In Return

When we are young we often have very high expectations of what the world will be like for us when we grow up. However, as we get into the existential planes of adulthood, the reality can often be a bit different from what we anticipated.

So, from people who did not get the type of technological advances that sci-fi promised them to individuals who were left baffled by delivery drivers, here are 30 people who expected a lot from the world...but got very little in return.

"She slipped trying to pop the soap bubbles."

Something tells me that the sound of a child's tears commenced immediately after this picture was snapped! Sometimes life teases you with fun bubbles, but then gives you a quick slap to the noggin!

"My wife's felting project."

I tried felting once, by God I was absolutely abysmal at it. I genuinely do not know how anyone manages to make anything with such small details on it! The llama I "made" looked more like a snail.

"This patch I ordered off amazon..."

I think that the "I want to leave" patch is actually pretty apt considering how most people feel about the current state of the world. Maybe the alien invaders could give us a lift to the nearest planet we can live on?

"These things never work out, do they?"

The thing that they have actually managed to make looks kind of like a genetic chicken experiment gone horrifically wrong. This is what I imagine it would look like if David Cronenberg made a kid's film.

"Beauty products these days."

And this is exactly why you should not try and order yourself a face mask from Although, look on the bright side, at least that small section of your face will be nice and exfoliated!

"Are you kidding me?"

This is devious beyond belief. You kind of have to admire the audacity of this place to have actually hidden their pizza's lack of pepperoni like this. There's a special circle in Hell reserved for the people behind this.

"I took my dog to the park... Not really sure what I expected."

I just cannot get over the face on that dog, it looks as though it will never trust its owner ever again for as long as it lives!

"Years ago, my friend/coworker set her hair on fire while blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. This was taken the split second before anybody realized."

Fortunately, this person did go on to add that their friend escaped completely unharmed from this incident.

"The top is pottery that my mom got in Germany, the bottom is my attempt to make it in my ceramics class."

I actually quite like the one that this person managed to craft. Although, I don't think that I like it for any of the right reasons...that beak is pretty damn weird!

"I guess that I should expect delays?"

Yeah, that seems about right for how long most roadworks take in the UK. I am sure that if you head down there at any time of the day, there'll be teams of people hard at work to make that deadline as well!

"I feel like majority of the Applebee's menu is an exercise in Expectation Vs Reality."

Wow, where do you even start with this? It is actually quite impressive due to the fact that, as one individual pointed out, "The steak is somehow both undercooked and burnt. Impressive."

"Includes a 'Private Balcony.' Is just a view of the wall of the next building."

They clearly told you that the balcony was going to be a very private affair and that is what you have got! No one will be spying on you while you are on this balcony!

"Amazon left me a calling card saying they have hid a parcel under the table in back garden."

I mean, I cannot see a package in this image so they must have done a pretty bang-up job of hiding it!

"Some boots from Amazon."

I suppose that I would rather Amazon "hid" my package underneath a ridiculously small table but actually got me the right product over this catastrophe. Also, I am sure that you will be able to squeeze into those, it'd be a shame to let them go to waste.

"My Darth Maul birthday cake ate too much cake."

Sure, it does look like he might be a little bit on the chunky side, but it is a much better attempt at making a frosting Darth Maul than I could ever do!

"Eldritch horror dog."

My brain is really struggling to work out what is going on in this picture. I am sure that this is a very cute dog though, when it's not twisting itself into a soul-devouring nightmare creature that is.

"Someone has been naughty this year..."

God damn it. Why would they tease people like this? Just give the people what they want, candy canes with multi-colored spots on them! People don't even care if they don't taste of anything, they still want the spots!

"When my husband thought it was a good idea to pick me up while standing dangerously close to the creek after our wedding..."

This would absolutely have been the wedding photo that I used for the thank-you cards, as well as being the first photo to make it onto the mantlepiece!

Your Debit Card Is Ready At The Tap Of A Fingernail.

I suppose that it is effective if nothing else. It doesn't exactly give off the slick version of a technological future that some sci-fi films like to present us with though.

"Hitting my sister with a snowball..."

Jesus, how hard did they hit her with this snowball? Also, was that actually made of snow or was it just a giant ball of ice sneakily covered in snow? This hurts my back to look at.

"When your Converse backpack was suspiciously cheap."

Their nephew looks as though they are really enjoying wearing their new backpack though! They'll be able to fit all of their cat utensils in there when they make their way to cat school!

"This social psychology textbook that was supposed to show the reflection of you."

All that this weird grimy reflection will tell people is that they probably need to be updated with a newer edition, one which actually fulfils its function. Pretty bleak, right?

They Were Trying To Make This Chewbacca Pizza...

I dread to think how salty this pizza must have been! It does kind of look more like they have made a pizza with the face of a skinned King Charles Spaniel on it.

"My husband tried to make my daughter a birthday cake. I can see the similarities."

"It is called Peach Butt Man. It was a squishy she got at an Asian market. I was not with her when she bought it. I myself think that it is the ugliest thing ever!! The cake was a surprise for her and she actually loved it," this person wrote in explanation of what this thing is actually meant to be.

Damn It, Crayola! You're Just Taking The Piss Now!

Who knew that the Crayola company's new main aim in life was to completely destroy childrens' sense of excitement about the world? Pretty bleak turn for this company to have made.

"This mask that I got from Wish."

What do people really expect from I mean, what kind of person really looks as a Wish advert and thinks, "Yep, that is definitely what will turn up after I place my order!"

"It got kinda late so we had an 'oh crap' meal instead of our planned dinner. We had some pasta in our peas instead of the other way around."

When you can quickly count the amount of pasta that is in your pasta dish, you know that you have a problem on your hands.

"Still tastes good but looks like it's come from the someone's tortured bowels."

Yeah, this inadvertently looks as though you are eating the frozen intestines of some fourth dimensional being from a Lovecraft story. Good that this strange organ still tasted nice though!

"My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space themed cake."

I know for a fact that this meth-addicted looking spaceman would have scared the crap out of me as a kid. Just look at those horrible teeth!

"This rose-themed bed spread!"

Do you want your bedsheets to look as though someone had previously trapped a medium-sized animal in them and then beaten it to death with a rusty spade? If so, then this is the bedspread for you!

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