Delivery Driver Explains What Happens When We Don't Tip Them

Although delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash were certainly convenient before the pandemic emerged, they became a lifesaver once it didn't seem safe to go anywhere.

But as the need for delivery apps increased, the issues for those who make those deliveries possible were brought to the forefront. And just like with most of the service industry, it became clear that delivery drivers rely on tips to survive.

But while we've heard impassioned pleas from drivers who fear homelessness after too many customers didn't tip them, one driver revealed that being stingy doesn't exactly do the customers any favors either.

Back in August, a woman who goes by Sto Rmy uploaded a TikTok in which she showed the consequences one customer faced for not tipping.

It's worth noting that since DoorDash isn't the main source of revenue that she relies on, she wasn't as personally invested as some of her fellow drivers in whether customers tip or not.

As she put it, "You guys don't like to tip, it's OK."

But at the same time, she made it clear that customers who don't tip likely won't be satisfied with their orders by the time they get them.

She used this McDonald's order that she had just picked up as an example and described how shocked the employees there were when she turned up.

In her words, "She's like 'Oh my God, that's been here for an hour' and I was like, 'What? You're lying.'"

But sure enough, when she received the food at around 1:20 pm, she was able to confirm through the receipt that it had been made at 12:15 pm.

And as for why it took so long before anyone picked it up, Sto Rmy pointed to her base pay of $6.25 and the lack of a tip as the reason for why.

According to Bored Panda DoorDash itself typically pays drivers between $2-$10 per order depending on the estimated time, distance and "desirability" of the order.

And when viewers who saw the video wondered what one part of the equation had to do with the other, Sto Rmy made a follow-up TikTok explaining the connection.

She said that when the app informs drivers about an order coming in, it tells them what they stand to make from it and asks whether they would like to accept or decline it.

With that in mind, she explained that orders with no tips have lower total amounts than those that do, so drivers are more likely to decline them.

In Sto Rmy's case, multiple drivers would have to have done that within the hour before she accepted and fulfilled the McDonald's order.

As a result, customers who don't sweeten the pot will likely have to wait until a driver actually considers their order worth delivering.

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