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Influencer Exposes The Reality Behind Instagram Posts With Hilarious Snaps

Instagram can be a tricky beast to navigate thanks to the increase in people using photoshopping apps and software. And, while some people's instagram edits are so blatantly obvious that it hurts, a list of which you can check out here, there are some pages which use much more subtle techniques to alter their photos.

However, one influencer has dedicated her page to showing off the reality behind such pictures.

Rianne Meijer is a social media influencer from Amsterdam.

Rianne boasts a staggering 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her page largely consists of images of her friends and family — however, it is her side-by-side comparison pictures which have garnered her considerable attention.

Rianne spends a lot of time showing off how a subtle techniques can drastically alter someone's pictures.

By understanding how to utilise clever poses and camera angles, Rianne shows how easy it is for Instagrammers to alter the reality of their bodies.

With the discussion over how Instagram, and social media as a whole, affects people's body image becoming increasingly more prominent, promoting a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin on Instagram is a very important pursuit.

The posts that Rianne shares are largely Tongue-in-cheek and self-aware comparison images.

Rianne's posts convey the sense that she feels much happier when she embraces who she really is. This is perhaps best exemplified by the post below which was captioned:

"My IG in 2016 vs 2020 hahaa and couldn't be happier."

Her 'Instagram vs reality' pictures were supposed to help others feel better about themselves.

"I decided to share them because it felt unfair to only show the 'perfect' pictures. And I figured it might help some people to feel better about themselves," Rianne explained in an interview with My Modern Met.

"Hopefully when people see perfect pictures of beautiful girls and start to feel insecure, they think about these posts I did and remember that those pics are almost never as perfect as they seem," she continued.

Rianne also hopes that the pictures will also "give people a laugh."

While the photos may be seen as simply a gag by some, there is also a chance that these photos can help some young people to realise that the impossibly high standards set by most influencer's Instagram pages are not a realistic life-model.

h/t: My Modern Met