20 Photoshop Jobs That Are So Bad They Are Practically Art

You would have thought that, by now, most people on social media would know that photoshopping your photos into oblivion is not necessarily a good idea. And yet, there are those out there who simply cannot kick the shopping habit!

So, from people who made themselves look like an alien from Mars Attacks to individuals who have arms that can bend the fabric of reality, here are 20 photoshop jobs that are so bad they are practically art.

"Thank you tinder for the incoming nightmares I'll have tonight."

I really hope that this person is okay. There is an awful lot to unpack here, and I do not think that I have the time or expertise to do so.

"It happens to guys too..."

That is just how some people's abs look, as though they have been made out of Papier-mâché, painted over, and then stuck on with a Pritt Stick. Anyone who says otherwise clearly just doesn't know about real muscle.

"This Side Profile."

One person simply responded by writing, "Always use the presets never touch the sliders." Clearly they have some experience in this area and just want to avoid anyone else ending up looking like a Tim Burton drawing.

"Arms so swole they are acting like black holes."

You have to be really careful getting to close to this guy. I was stood next to him waiting for a bus the other week and the gravitational insanity of his arms caused my body to turn into the shape of a crescent moon.

"I Mean... What Were You Thinking?"

The "fancy" chains that she is wearing only make this whole effect seem more strange. It is sad to see people who feel the need to do this kind of thing to their pictures!

"GIRL... what is going on?!"

It must take her an age to eat a meal with a head that small! Or, maybe this is just a photo where her hands are right up against the camera lens and her head is two-hundred miles back?

"Ah yes, so realistic!"

What was the goal that she was aiming for here? I think that there must have been an intended look, but this just cannot have been it. Those eyes could bore into any person's soul at thirty paces.

"Someone needs to call this guy an ambulance..."

This guy looks like a mid-90s version of Mark McGrath while he is slowly turning into a Cronenbergian mess. Now that is a film that I would watch, imagine how strange that would be.

"I really thought at first glance this was a Sims Freeplay edit."

I was about to say, "However, this is actually a real person..." Although, at this point I am not sure if I can legally describe this picture as containing a "real person."

"I don't see how this would make me want to buy the jeans…"

One response which really spoke to me was: "she reminds me of those Stretch Armstrong dolls. I'm showing my age, but it is what it is." Anyone else remember those?

"Am I tripping or is this arm too long? What editing is that?"

A lot of people thought that this might actually be a fish-eye lens photo gone wrong, but my money is on it being a panoramic fail. I can't make my mind up though.

"This, uh, really markets their makeup..."

Even more worryingly, the person who posted this added, "Sadly, this isn’t satire, was posted for marketing and is an edited photo of her friend [...] It's not the first time she's done this."

"She always tries to make herself look taller, but this is just way off..."

Is having weirdly out-of-proportion legs really "in" at the moment or something? Also, do people still use words like "in" any more or am I completely out of touch?

"Betrayed by the reflection..."

Someone who pretty accurately summed up the problem with celebrities photoshopping their pictures to oblivion wrote, "That just made me feel so much better. I was wondering why she looks better than me at 38 when she is in her mid 60s at least. I guess the answer is filters."

"Spotted this one on Bumble."

How far back is she leaning in this picture, or is she actually lying down and the camera has just gone wrong? Also, would you not be cold wearing that in a car park at night? Christ I'm showing my age.

"You have got to be kidding me."

My God, this must be another person who has a nightmare getting pants that fit. You never know though, this might be her real figure. I mean, I doubt it, but you never know!

"Totally realistic proportions..."

Once you notice the massive foundation stain on the waistband of his white pants it is impossible to focus on anything else. White pants was a bold choice my man, but you failed in your basic task of keeping them clean!

"I finally found one in the wild..."

What the actual hell is going on here. There is, yet again, so much to delve into here and yet with this one I simply want to move on. This image will haunt my nightmares!

"Wavy doors are the new architecture!"

It is giving me a bit of a headache just looking at this image. I cannot imagine what it must be like living in that apartment with the walls constantly wobbling as though the entire building is made of jelly.

"I have no idea what is going on here."

And no, this is not a flat image that someone is painting on, this was taken from a reel of a "real" person getting a makeover. However, there are obviously one or two filters on the go as well if you look really closely.