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Woman Details Her Platonic Marriage Between Her, Husband, And His Girlfriend

Many people have different types of relationships that not everyone understands. Aside from the monogamous relationships where two people are together and in love, there are different types of relationships that involve more than just two people.

Polygamous or polyamorous relationships are ones that involve more than one person, through sexual relations or even marriage. Not everyone, however, understands the multiple-people relationship.

One TikTok user recently shared the story of her platonic marriage with multiple people involved.

Amber shared a video to her TikTok account with an overlay of text while getting a manicure and pedicure,

"My husband: Can you leave the house today for a while so my gf can come over."

"Me: If you want to pay for me to get my nails done."

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Many people were curious if she was serious or joking.

As many people on TikTok can sometimes joke around or even make videos for clout, some people were curious if Amber was serious

So, they began asking a lot of questions about the dynamic of her marriage.

So, she explained in a follow-up video.

Amber said she is in a platonic marriage with her husband. However, the two did not start out in a platonic marriage.

She and her husband got married in 2013 and they were together, just the two of them.

Then, they had a baby and brought a son into their world. Amber said this changed a lot of things.

When Amber was pregnant with her second son, she stepped out on her marriage.

Amber said that having a child changed the dynamic of their marriage, and when she was pregnant with her second son, she got herself into an "entanglement" and told her husband she wanted to separate.

However, that relationship did not last, as Amber said she got her heart shattered from it.

The two lived separately for two years.

Now, the two are back living together because neither wanted to spend time without their kids.

Which seriously speaking, makes a lot of sense.

Amber said the two used to stay at each other's places when it was each of their nights with the kids because they didn't want to spend time apart.

Now, the two are in a much better place, Amber says.

Amber shared the two are in a much better place in their life and in a good friendship and parenting situation, even though they are not in a romantic relationship anymore.

Many people had questions about what would happen when the other began dating again.

Amber said the two do date other people and there are people who are in their lives, but no one has been in romantic relationships that have been serious enough to discuss marriage.

The two have said that they would only get an official divorce for one reason.

She shared that she and her husband both said the only reason they would get a divorce is if one party was in a relationship with someone and they wanted to get married again, then, they would get divorced legally.

Amber says however, that after being married once, the definition of marriage kind of changes.

After you have been married before, marriage itself changes completely. Both seem to not be interested in marriage again, although they happen to both be in serious and long-term relationships with other people.

"Marriage isn't on the horizon for those relationships," Amber said.

Amber said there are also a lot of benefits to their platonic marriage.

Yes, believe it or not, she gets something out of it too.

For example, Amber said her husband cleaned their entire house the day before his girlfriend came over.

So now on her day off, she doesn't have to lift a finger or clean the house at all—a huge win.

Another benefit is timing.

Amber said another benefit of their platonic marriage is that they never have to sacrifice any time with their kids.

Even though they're not romantic, they live together and they never have to sleep away or be away from their two sons.

While I'm sure this solution wouldn't be a good fit for everyone, good for them for finding something that works.

Everyone has to do what is right for themselves, in the end.