Platonic BFFs Marry Each Other To Raise A Family Together

Many people look for a life partner that they can raise a family with. When they are picking someone to "spend forever with" one quality most people would like to have is being a responsible partner in parenthood.

Sometimes, people joke that they'll marry their best friend.

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We always hear that ongoing joke that two people are such good friends, they might as well get married and spend forever together.

Not many people end up getting married to their platonic friends, though.

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Many people don't usually marry their best friend platonically, without romance involved. However, Jay Guercio and her wife Krystle are defying that idea.

Jay and Krystle are best friends who decided to tie the knot.

In a TikTok video, Jay responded to a viral relationship question, "What are some of the misconceptions that people have about you and your spouse's relationship?"

Jay said that many people think relationships are always romantic.

"That we're romantically involved. Let me explain... My best friend and I, of eight years, got married, had a commitment ceremony, whatever you want to call it.

We did this because we wanted to raise kids together, we wanted to live our lives by each other's side," she said.

Jay and Krystle both have a foster child they are raising together.

The couple, who are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, are parents to a foster child that they are co-parenting and raising together.

The two are happily married, as platonic friends.

"I couldn't imagine living the life I live without her by my side, I trust her, I appreciate her, we work together, we are partners, we make decisions together, we act as a married couple does, but we don't have the romantic or physical stuff," she added.

Jay shared that neither her nor Krystle want to, "Seek out romantic relationships right now."

"We have complete freedom to seek out romantic or physical relationships, but to be honest that's not what I want or need right now.

The love that we have, the trust, the laughter, the shenanigans, that's everything that I could ever ask for and I'm happy and proud of our marriage," she continued.

However, many people have asked what would happened if either of them did want a romantic relationship.

Jay says, "Romantic relationships are not the ultimate most important ones in our lives." Jay added that she and Krystle have made a conscious decision to make their marriage more important.

Others began asking questions about their life together.

After the video went viral on TikTok, many people began asking questions about their platonic marriage to better understand their lifestyle.

Some asked if they get jealous easily.

People asked if they get jealous easily, but they both said that they "value each others time with others as much as we value each others time with each other."

Others were curious if they would ever get divorced.

Jay shared that marriage is not the "end goal" for them forever, but they don't need to have it all figured out right at this very moment.

One person asked how holidays work with them.

Jay also shared that they usually host the holidays so that they can have everyone together in their own space, but also because of Covid-19, they haven't had huge family gatherings.

Some people were really interested and even wanted to find it for themselves!

One person asked, "how do I find this?"

Jay said that it's all about finding someone that you genuinely care about and trust like she trusts her partner.

Others asked what would happen if they developed feelings.

Some commenters asked what would happen if they developed romantic feelings for each other. However, Jay said they have been friends so long she doesn't believe it will ever happen.

Some still found it a bit strange.

Some people still found the marriage strange, but still think that it's beautiful and wished the couple well.

One commenter did make a solid point.

One person on TikTok said that marriage wasn't "for romantic love" until the 1800s anyway, so their marriage is "more traditional than most.

Many people found the relationship to be "refreshing."

Many said they liked how the friends were "redefining" family. And, many said if no one is being harmed, everyone should be more accepting of this kind of relationship.

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