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A Midwife Told A Mom To 'Hurry Up' During Labor And Ended Up Leaving Her Placenta Inside

When having a baby, some people prefer to have their baby in a hospital, while others prefer to have it at home with a midwife and a home birthing process. Sometimes, things can be rather complicated during childbirth and midwives and doctors both should be careful when dealing with mothers in labor and newborn children. You never know what could go wrong.

One TikTok user recently shared her horror story of birth with users online.

TikTok user sueomanii said that when she was in labor with her daughter, her midwife kept telling her to "hurry up" as her midwife shift was over. She was rushing to get out of the home, even though the mother was in active labor.

After delivering her daughter, it was time to deliver the placenta.

However, the midwife told her to "hush" and to stop screaming. Any mother who has gone through childbirth knows that things can be painful and traumatic, so this can be hard to handle and/or deal with.

After the delivery, the TikTok user said she was having pains.

She shared that post-delivery, she was having "stomach and abdominal pain" but dismissed it as childbirth and thought it was something from the birthing process. However, 7 days later, she discovered something totally different was going on.

Things began to "come out of her."

As any new mother would, she began to freak out and was terribly scared, wondering what was going on. If something was coming out of you after giving birth, I'm sure you would also be scared and also a bit worried.

Her husband insisted she go to the hospital.

The mom went to the hospital, at the request of her husband, and the nurses discovered there was something severely wrong and found that something was "left inside of her" during childbirth.

The midwife left her placenta behind.

Turns out, the midwife had left her placenta inside of her and that she did not clean her out "properly." The thing that was falling out what the placenta inside of her and it was the "size of her hand."

The scans showed that she needed surgery.

Apparently, it could have led to a severe reaction.

The mom said that it could have led to an infection if it was left behind. Good thing that she and her husband decided to go to the hospital to get it removed, as things could have been far worse in the end.

Others said they had, too, been in the same situation.

One person said she was in the same boat and had her full placenta left inside of her and it led to bleeding. The mom said she nearly fainted and it was a terrible time, as it wasn't taken out of her.

Another said she should sue the midwife.

A midwife is a position where you shouldn't focus on getting clocked out on time, as you are dealing with a mother and a newborn child. She said the mom should 100% sue the midwife for her negligence.

Another midwife said that this "disgusts her."

A midwife shared that as a midwife, she always puts the woman first and does not focus on herself. She apologized that she even had to go through this and also hopes she "took it further."

Many people agreed on that note.

Everyone on TikTok said that they had hoped that she had made a formal complaint about the midwife or that she did go and sue the woman for her disastrous mistake. The mother could have potentially died from this.

How awful!