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20 Weird Discoveries That Totally Baffled Us At First

You could live to be a thousand years old and life would never stop bringing little surprises. So if things are feeling a tad mundane, just remind yourself that the next big surprise is right around the corner.

These pics are a great place to start.

"Finally dug up the slippery stone block outside my door, turns out it was a headstone."

Reddit | KhalJohno

The person who posted this doesn't seem that perturbed by the macabre discovery, which is good. Still, this property has to be cursed, doesn't it?

"A coatrack with titanium total joint prostheses as coat hooks at my work."

It might seem a little weird to use a prosthetic as a coat hook, but it's hard to argue with the results. They're clearly the perfect size and shape for the job.

"These are plastic things used to keep a dead person's eyes and lips closed for a funeral."

Reddit | undertakerdave

I've heard that they have devices like this to aid funeral directors, but this is the first time I've ever seen them with my own eyes.

"Cleaning out an old apartment and found a 1982 Coca Cola screwdriver set."

This is confusing. The box indicates that these are tools for...Coca-Cola, I guess? Then, upon opening it, it looks like a regular vintage can of Coke. It all makes sense after seeing how it works, though.

"Lactose-free milk mascot doesn't have an udder."

Reddit | Remote-Big8161

I guess this is a way to indicate that the milk is lactose-free. It's an Easter egg of sorts. Still, I don't really like how human this cow mascot looks when it's standing up.

"Ben and Jerry’s is so expensive where I live that they have to put security devices on each pint."

Reddit | Reignjacket

I love Ben & Jerry's as much as the next guy, but I've never thought a pint of ice cream would be a a target for thieves.

"U.S. Bank notes are actually slightly color coded. I boosted the saturation in the pic."

Reddit | 5Beans6

I've always thought that American money was green, while every other country uses a multitude of colors. I guess U.S. currency is starting to get on the color train, too.

"This triangle-shaped rock I found."

Reddit | NormIslandRandom

This rock looks almost too perfect to be naturally occurring, but it apparently is. I guess there are a lot of rocks in the world, so eventually one of them is bound to look like a perfect Toblerone segment.

"This useless staircase I found in the wild."

Reddit | yaboyroy61

I'd be tempted to dig deeper and see if the staircase leads to buried treasure, but I think it's more likely that it leads to either nothing, or something that should be left alone.

"My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels."

Reddit | MacaronCats

Is this a bonus? Is it gross? I'll leave it to up you to decide, dear reader, but in any event it's a weird discovery to find in a plate of seafood.

"My Reese’s cup had 17 extra wrappers on it."

Reddit | loverlane

I know the title of this is "weird discoveries that totally baffled us at first", but this still baffles me. There's no way it's economical for Reese's to apply this many wrappers to one cup.

"Accidentally recreated my kitchen counters pattern on a plate while seasoning a burger."

Reddit | Tiddleyjuggs

This would be really weird to encounter. Is the plate invisible? Is the counter a well-seasoned plate? Or are they just two different things that completely resemble one another?

"While walking yesterday night around Tallinn, we saw this delivery robot underway to complete its mission."

Reddit | FortyishYearOld

I'm sure that sights like this will become more and more common in the years to come, but that doesn't stop them from being a bit weird right now.

"A classroom in my university has a tree growing inside of it."

Reddit | Everdale

I have no idea what the context here is, or if it's sustainable, but it's a cool sight. It's always nice to see buildings built around trees rather than uprooting them.

"The residential neighborhoods in my town are still lit only by gaslight."

Reddit | horotaka

No, we're not gaslighting you: these streets really are still lit by 19th Century technology. I wonder if things look all Jack the Ripper-ish once night falls.

"Our teacher had us do word searches in ASL to practice finger spelling."

Reddit | First_Bike_82

Knowing that these are American Sign Language symbols demystifies the image a bit, but it's not like this knowledge would give me any kind of clue when it comes to actually solving the puzzle.

"Around a lake in North England, people hammer coins into trees for good luck!"

Reddit | darthinvader012

At first, this almost looks like a naturally occurring phenomenon, like it's a tree that attracts little clams for some reason or something like that. Even after reading the explanation, it's a cool sight to behold.

"Every Vauxhall car built since 2004 has a hidden shark somewhere in the car. Found mine in the glove box."

Reddit | darkdetective

I love little Easter eggs like this. They don't mean anything, they don't even really need to be discovered, but they're clear evidence of a company that values the little things.

"Took my little cousin to the pond, she noticed a duck whose whole body looks like the other ducks' heads."

Reddit | quarterfast

I've always loved the iridescent green sheen of a mallard duck's head. I don't know how this duck came to be, but I'm totally here for it.

"Stone washed jeans, uses actual stones. Found this in pocket of new jeans."

I've never thought about the presence of stones in stone-washed jeans or stoned wheat thins, but apparently real stones are used. I don't know what I'll do with this knowledge.

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