Hallmark Lovers Everywhere Can Stay At Hotel Rooms Inspired By Our Favorite Christmas Movies

With the holiday seasons right around the corner, one thing is for sure—people are out here excited to celebrate by watching their favorite Hallmark Christmas movies.

Hallmark movies are a staple of the holiday season and those who love them, well they really love them. So much so, that they have full marathons watching movies and wishing they could have that kind of love and romance.

The one thing that all Hallmark films have in common is that romance.

The romance that happens between two "unlikely companions" or two people who are "destined to be together" but don't know it—well, we love these kinds of movies because we all want that big, romantic movie, special kind of love (even if we're already hitched).

Some of the places the movies are filmed, well, they put that love in the air.

When watching the movies over the holidays, they give us that joy and cheer because all of the films are so over-the-top decorated for the season.

We all wish we could be actually transported into the films and stay at the locations, even with our significant other.

If you've ever wanted to take a time machine over to one of the sets, you're in luck.

This year, thanks to Club Wyndham's timeshare resorts, you can book yourself a chance to live inside the Hallmark Channel's Christmas movie spectaculars in three amazing cities: New York, Tennessee, or Colorado. What a way to celebrate the holidays, right?!

Each city has a different theme.

Each of the cities has a suite that is totally set up by the Hallmark Channel's head of design, so you know it's really true to form.

Each city also has a different theme for its resorts, which makes each an experience of its own. If you are a total fan, you can stay at all three!

New York City keeps it more traditional for Christmas.

At the suite in New York City, you can stay in a room that is totally set up like a true Christmas vacation.

The theme comes with a mailbox labeled "Letters to Santa" and you can even write him your own wishlist. The room of course comes fully decorated for Christmas, as well.

Colorado is keeping it a white Christmas.

The Colorado location is located in Vail, which is right by tons of ski and snowboarding resorts. Being located in Colorado, of course near the Rocky's, they keep it super White Christmas-y and have the suite filled with a ceiling light that projects falling snow into your room. Romantic!

In Tennessee, you get that southern charm.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, you get a southern flair with some country swag. Being in Nashville, you want to feel the southern charm, so the suite is decorated with some flannel like a true southern gentleman. Also, they have tons of country Christmas songs to listen to on repeat.

Each Club Wyndham room has a ton that it comes with, too.

Because they are totally set from Hallmark Movies, each room is set up with a different backdrop that showcases a separate Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie. On top of this, rooms are designed to reflect Christmas "feelings" by being scented with different Christmas smells and also decorated with lights and trees.

There's also a lot to do!

In each city's suites, you have gingerbread-making kits, cookies to bake, games to play, and even presents that are fully wrapped under the Christmas tree. You can also curl up and make yourself a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace and look out at the views.

Not to mention, there's a full Hallmark Movie collection.

If you want to get real "in the zone," there is an entire Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie collection that you can binge-watch while staying at the Hallmark Channel Movie-themed suite. Talk about a total fan, that's really putting in the work.

You can book yourself a room starting November 1st.

Starting November 1st running until January 1st, you can book yourself a suite in either New York, Colorado, or Tennessee. Each suite sleeps up to four people and can be booked from 2 to 3 nights each.

And, the best part, prices aren't even bad—starting at $295 per night. Check it out!