Hallmark Channel's Jen Lilley Celebrates Adoption Of 2-Year-Old Son After 846 Days In Foster Care

Christmas came early for beloved Hallmark Channel star, Jen Lilley, and her family. Posting a series of sweet pics, the actress revealed her family's excitement at the adoption of their third child.

Jen is best known for her work in a series of popular Hallmart Christmas movies such as Winter Love Story, Mingle All the Way and The Spirit of Christmas.

The actress and her hubby Jason Wayne recently celebrated the adoption of their two-year-old son, Jeffrey.

The couple is already parents to 4-year-old son Kydon, who is Jeffrey's half brother, and 15-month-old Julie Evangeline.

The pair adopted Kydon last summer after he spent 984 days in foster care.

Posting a series of sweet photos, Jen shared the exciting news of her son Jeffrey's adoption.

"Christmas came early this year, and I got the world’s BEST present under my tree. Words cannot express how much I love this little one," Jen wrote on Instagram.

"Biologically, he’s Kayden’s half brother, but as Jason said so beautifully, 'Today, we made them full brothers.'"

"I have loved this little one since his momma’s first sonogram. She didn’t know, but I knew she was pregnant, and I prayed for this little baby boy every single day."

"When we got the call that he was in fostercare, and they weren’t sure if he would be able to come live with us, I was wrecked. How could I ever explain to the boys that we didn’t keep them together. Where would he go?"

She continued: "Not all foster homes are loving. I prayed one of those prayers only a mother can pray. I mean had he been dead I think his little spirit would have hopped back in his body. It was bold. It was like I was warring over his safety and well being."

"I’ll never forget the moment I said amen, we got another call that their birth mom insisted the boys be together, and thank God the county honored her wish."

"There were so many times we didn’t know how his case would end, but we were committed to loving him the rest of our lives," Jen recalled.

"Jeffrey is the kindest, sweetest, most nurturing, and adorable little boy anyone could ever hope for. He’s the perfect brother, the perfect yes man, and he has the best heart."

Jen concluded: "Jeffrey means God’s divine peace, and while I did not name him, his name is so perfectly fitting. He fills our home with peace, love, and joy, and my heart has never been so full. 2020 has been an incredibly trying year for us all, we had no idea if the adoption was going to move forward. While I plan to give him the world’s biggest 1st gotcha day anniversary next year, I’m sad we won’t be able to celebrate today with our friends and loved ones and make him feel like he’s the world’s coolest kid with the party to match. Nevertheless, I have yearned for today for almost 3 years, and it’s so beautiful and special in it’s own intimate 2020 way. I’m honored to share it on here with the community who’s prayed with me, cried with me, and celebrated with me the most. Welcome to forever Jeffrey Wayne."

We're so happy for this beautiful family!

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