The Hallmark Channel Is Premiering 41 New Christmas Films For Us To Binge This Year

Ah, Christmas. It feels like it's been forever, doesn't it? Well don't stress, it will be here soon enough! And sure, we haven't even passed Halloween yet, but you need to let me live!

As it turns out, the Hallmark channel is on the same page as me, as they've decided to announce this past weekend that they have SO MANY new Christmas movies in store for us!

It feels like this year has kind of been dragging on, doesn't it?

I mean, it could be because we've all been stuck in nearly two years of a pandemic spiral where there are lots of things going on and also nothing going on?

I don't know though, that might just be me!

Now, we finally have something to look forward to again, and now, I'm not talking about Halloween!

I'm talking about the far more superior holiday, Christmas!

I am a November 1st type of Christmas person, and it seems like the Hallmark channel is, too!

The feel-good channel recently announced that they're doubling down on the yuletide and are airing 41 BRAND NEW Christmas movies.

From October 22 to Santa's arrival, viewers can tune in every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night for a new Hallmark Christmas flick!

Of course, they will be playing their other hundreds of Christmas films every other second of the day, so don't worry about that!

I personally can't wait for this, and it's less than three weeks away!

Unsplash | Chad Madden

It's been a long year, and the only thing getting me through is remembering Christmas is around the corner!

Check out the full line-up here!