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People Who Walked In On Their Partners Cheating Are Sharing Their Stories

Relationships can come with a lot of happiness, but they can also come with a lot of pain and heartbreak.

The worst thing that can happen to someone, by far, is being cheated on. But, even worse than being cheated on by someone you love is actually catching them in the act. How bad must it be to find the person you love literally with someone else?! These people are here to share their worst tales. And...yikes.

On their 35th anniversary?!?

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"My mom came home to our old farm property to find my ex step-dad porking his girlfriend in the front yard. On their 35th wedding anniversary. She called the cops and had them both removed," said Reddit user takhesis.

He just wanted his charger back.

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Reddit user PizzaHog123 said that he walked over to his girlfriend's house to get a charger he had left there and walked in on her having sex with the guy she said he "had nothing to worry about." Clearly, he bugged out.

Does everyone forget their phone chargers?

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"One of my co-workers ran into her then-boyfriend's house to get her phone charger before work. She walked into his bedroom and found him in bed with another woman. She then took a picture of them in bed, and SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER," said chillhoneybunny28.

With his roommate? Not cool.

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imn0tg00d said that he got out of work an hour early to find that his door was locked at home, which it never is. When he unlocked it, he found his girl sleeping there with his roommate. Total savagery.

Work schedules can ruin you.

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"I had to take lunch an hour early one day to cover for my sick boss that night. One of us had to be there at all times. I opened the front door and there they were on the couch, clothes scattered on the floor, scurrying to cover up. It's burned into my head," shared chipmunksyndrome.

Facebook comments can be pretty criminalizing.

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"A few years ago a female friend of mine walked in on her husband having sex with another woman. she posted it on Facebook, then shot her husband, then herself. I had commented jokingly on her Facebook page "did you cut his balls off?" -- I later had several newspapers call me to talk about the story," wrote Zooplancton.

That wedding was off before it even started.

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"Walked in on my ex fiancée 6 weeks before our wedding. She was sleeping with one of our coworkers. Quit my job there, she made me cover the remaining costs of the wedding since we were within the 90-day limits and ONLY my name was on the contracts. I moved away to college. She stalked me. I put a restraining order on her. I got counseling. I was a mess," said Grinder312.

She caught her sister's boyfriend red-handed.

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goalieamd said that she accidentally caught her sister's boyfriend cheating on her at the bar. She walked in and boom, there he was making out with someone who definitely wasn't her sister. Turns out, the girl knew he had a girlfriend, but didn't care. Both slimeballs.

Excuses, excuses.

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"I left the room to get a cup of water and walked back in to see my boyfriend kissing my friend. We were a bit drunk, so I can't remember if I flung my water in his face or not. I'd like to think I did.

'I was helping her with her shirt,' was his excuse. Because that's a thing.

I was like...'I SAW you kiss her,'" said ChippyCuppy.

He threw his girlfriend out, butt naked.

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KiNGofKiNG89 said that he threw both his girlfriend and the guy she was sleeping with out of the house, chased them really, but the guy had time to grab clothes while the girl did not. It took her hours to get around to find a payphone and hide.

Right in front of her?!?

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"Had my puppy dog shit itself, couldn't find any towels in the bathroom to clean up the floor. Opened the bedroom door to get my laundry basket and there they were. Wouldn't have hurt so badly if it were not a close friend.

Ended up keeping the dog and am really digging the wagging and tennis balls that come with unconditional love," said another Reddit user.

Well that was unexpected.

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Wrathwilde said that he and his fiancé went to go pick out wedding rings, and the very next day, he walked in on her masturbating in front of another guy (who was 20+ years older than her). She didn't even seem bothered that she was caught. Ouch.

Keeping it in the family, I guess.

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"Not me, but I worked with a woman who walked in on her husband and her brother going to town. A few days after that she came into work and said 'My husband ran off with my brother.'

One of the managers was laughing so hard he fell down," said banjo-fittings.

Guess the wedding is off.

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"It was more like they walked in making out. We were due to get married in 1 week. I was studying and she was "out with female friends from work" I figured I'd just study at her apartment until she got in. Around midnight she comes through the door handsey and making out with a male co-worker," shared I-come-from-Chino.

Poor guy.

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eomh said that he caught his fiancé cheating on him at a party that they both went to, although he "hadn't planned on going." When he confronted her, her friends said it was "his fault" because he "wasn't supposed to be there." No way, ladies.

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