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Married People Who Caught Their Partner Cheating Are Sharing Their Stories

Cheating is the lowest of the low. There are no ifs ands or buts about it.

It can completely destroy a person's life and shake their trust for years — sometimes decades — to come.

While some partners come clean on their own, a lot of people catch their partner cheating on them in devastating ways.

These stories are truly something else.

The dropoff.


This man's life changed completely one night when his wife received a phone call from the wife of the man she was having an affair with.

Since she said she was dropping her husband off at her home, the Redditor's wife had to confess to having an affair for the past six months.

The "caretaker."

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"Knew for sure my ex-wife was cheating on me when she was out of state 'taking care of her sick father' (who really was sick, mind you) and her aunt called me looking for her after her dad collapsed onto the floor for half a day so my ex could go out and [expletive] her new BF in a motel two hours away." - u/deleted

The visit.

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"She said she had to go down to visit her mom. She never came back. Turns out she didn’t go visit her mom. It’s all good now though, I’m way happier since that all happened!" - u/bhemblem

The baby.

After this Redditor and his wife were struggling to have a baby, she took matters into her own hands.

She came home one day and announced that she got pregnant with another man and then left him to raise the child on her own.

The secret son.

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"He came home one evening after 16 years of marriage, said 'we're in trouble' I asked if he lost his job, forgot to pay the mortgage, etc... he said he had a 5 year old and another one on the way. We had a 15 and 13 year old. There was momentary confusion... then the light bulb came on. I went to see a divorce attorney a few days later." - u/Rudys1girl

The babysitter.


"I found texts on my husband’s phone. The other woman was not only our young daughter’s babysitter but our roommate as well. 'Let her move in to save on child care costs.' They both just walked around the house — day in and day out — messing around while I was at work and our daughter slept in the next room over." - marisam4de6132ef

The knock on the door.

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This Redditor was hanging with his daughter one night when he got a knock on the door.

It was his wife's co-worker who thought he should know that his wife was having dinner with another co-worker at a restaurant.

The ménage à trois.

"I found my ex cheating in our house. He was having a threesome with girls he'd met at his adult fat camp. I blacked out I was so angry. Somehow, I managed to take pictures of everything. I got a hefty settlement for less than three years of marriage." - jenniferjanvier

The pregnancy.

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"After struggling to conceive for a year, I finally got pregnant. At the beginning of my second trimester, I tested positive for syphilis. My husband found a prostitute and got syphilis from her. Fetuses that get syphilis and are untreated have a 50% chance of being stillborn. Three painful shots in my rear later, I had been treated, and my son was born healthy." -pazna213

The cloud.


Modern technology helped this woman discover that his husband was cheating on her.

Since their Apple devices were synced together, she saw the messages he was sending to his mistress in real time.

The evidence.

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"She got extremely sloppy and left evidence. So I snooped through her purse and her car and found lots more. We're now divorced and she's unhappily married to the guy with whom she was cheating." - u/Zer0_Karma

The good morning texts.

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"I woke up to her phone going off at around 6 am. They were "good morning, I miss you, ect." messages from another guy she was talking to. I woke her up, kicked her out and promptly moved to Indianapolis with one of my best friends!" -u/Drao187

The tipoff.

Despite having their suspicions, this Redditor found out about their partner cheating on them after they had moved out.

An anonymous person sent them a Facebook message, saying that she had been having an affair with a co-worker for four years.

The telephone.

"I found out my wife was cheating in a very difficult way. One day, I was cooking and my seven-year-old daughter answered the phone. It was a guy who told her, 'Go tell your daddy that your mommy is having an affair with me.' My daughter immediately started crying hard because she thought I would leave and never see her again." - tuckerdavid659

The Apple CarPlay.

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"I was six months pregnant, and we'd been together almost seven years. He cheated on me with a teenaged coworker with the same name as me. I saw the messages pop up on my Apple CarPlay in car while he ran into the store." - ashleysimonelli

The bikini photos.

When going through her husband's music files to play music, this woman found a picture file of his best friend in a bikini. Two weeks later, she found out that he paid for her abortion.

The text.

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"He was acting weird, taking his cell phone with him EVERYWHERE. Red flag for me. I had tried to be the cool wife who was never jealous, never questioned him, but this made me so suspicious. One day, he left his phone by me on the couch for a second and a text popped up from someone who was just initials and said "we really shouldn't be doing this." So then I knew." -u/Adlersmomma

The username.

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"I googled his Skype name... apparently he used it as a handle on all the websites he was on, like AFF and a cam site. I also caught him skyping with his gf early one Sunday morning..." -u/GeekyMe314

The rancid wine and the mistaken identity.

"I found them drunk on the floor in our apartment. It was after my thirtieth birthday party. He claimed the wine was rancid, and he thought it was me." -jennithebaker

Verizon calls

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"I tracked the location on the maps app, and realized that she was driving to his house while I was gone. She moved out, and I ended up staying in the state we moved to. 4 years later and I have met the most amazing woman, and everything I could ever want. She ended up pregnant by the guy and he didn't even stay until she had the child." -user hajimenogio92

The one with the 19-year-old.

When one woman was cleaning out some papers, she saw a phone underneath them.

"It said about someone's parents being out, flirty content, lots of text kisses.

I phoned the number, asked who she was. It turned out to be a girls aunty I knew... my husband was [expletive] the girl. She was 19." - user steffylm

When you find out at a Taco Bell.

"As we are at the window about to get our food, she gets a FB message. Mind you, her phone is in the center of the car next to the shifter so I instinctively looked down because of the noise and flash. 2 lines from a message appeared and that was more than enough to know what she had been up to." - user TrundLth3gr8t

When the child is the one who breaks it.

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"Not me but my parents. My father was apparently having an affair for a while. [...] I told my mother. Then backed away. They didn't share much with me, but they did do some counselling (not much, they aren't really the type) and are still together now many years later. But not sure how happy they are. It was never mentioned again." user Autumnleavesfalling

By the e-mails

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After being married for 11 years and being together for 17, one husband found that his wife was cheating when he was trying to fix her computer, and noticing some intimate emails between her and another man.

Craigslist ruins it all

"Had guesses, but one day she said "I'm going out for the night" and left. Cool, she goes to bars without me. I open the laptop for some Netflix and she's left up a Craigslist post about going to a local bath house. Next tab, Craigslist guy looking for action. Next tab, same. Next tab, email said she had new messages. I couldn't bear to look." user boiiwings

Cuddling with the wrong person.

One woman crawled into bed and reached over to cuddle and literally grabbed the breast of another woman!

Needless to say, it was over right then and there.

Getting drunk is never a good idea.

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After not even being married for a year, one husband got drunk at a party and had sex with another woman.

They are still together but it took a lot of work to make their relationship stay alive.

When denial is not just a river in Egypt.

"I just knew my partner very well. I was in denial for years. But one day I tried calling him and he didn’t answer and I just knew because of the day and time. When he did call back I asked him point blank. His answer was 'It’s none of your business.'" [user Kalliope25](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/80cyfm/married_people_who_were_cheated_on_how_did_you/duw9vaa/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Offline on Skype.

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"November 4th 2010 he was hiding offline on Skype but I called his name anyway and he answered and at this time I heard a girl leave a message on his voicemail and I asked him to come clean and asked if he is cheating and he held up a box of condoms on the webcam and hung up on my face." -user deleted

When you get a disease....

One user said that the biggest clue to the fact that his wife was cheating was because he found out he had herpes.

That's just about the worst confirmation possible.

A love child involved.

"She showed up at our door with a toddler. TODD-LER. Kid called him daddy and everything. I kicked him out to go stay with his other family while I packed." user RaisedbyHeathens.