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People Who Caught Their Parents Cheating Are Sharing Their Stories

There is no pain quite as bad as giving your all to someone and them completely destroying your heart. One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship to anyone is being cheated on, no doubt about it.

But, when you discover your parents are cheating on each other, even as a child, it can shatter your entire belief system and make you cynical about love for the rest of your life.

She discovered her dad's secret family.

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"I was around 7 years old and was messing around in my dad’s parked truck when I found a baby bottle under the passenger seat. I didn’t have a baby sibling. It turned out my dad had a whole other family," said one person, who discovered their dad's secret life.

Their mom called out their dad, and then left.

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Another Reddit user said that they found a letter written from their mom to their dad about all of his "mistresses" and that she was "done."

She also stated in the letter she called another man and told him that they were done, and she was going to be with him instead.

Dad wasn't slick.

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One BuzzFeed user shared that their dad would use the family computer to create dating profiles, stating that he was either widowed or divorced.

He would chat with women online and even go on dates but forgot to clear the computer's browser history so they found it all.

He caught his dad red-handed.

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"Went to visit dad at work while at college. Found out that he had a girlfriend. Had to come home and tell my mom. It was a mess and took 5 years for the divorce. I don't speak to my father anymore, for a mess of reasons, mostly stemming from that," one person shared.

At the prom!?!

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Another person shared that their dad dropped them off at their senior prom and began talking to some teachers. He then texted that he would be "late" picking them up. When the person saw their dads car in the lot, they walked over and caught their dad with the teacher together in the car.

Teacher was fired, dad was divorced shortly after.

At 5-years-old? They'll never recover from that.

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"My dad told me he was going to burn some CDs and he needed time to concentrate. Nosy 5-year-old me walked in his room and saw him doing it with my aunt. On my dad’s side," shared another person.

THAT one will scar anyone for life.

"It's not what it looks like."

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One Reddit user said that they cut school and went home to find their mom doing some things with a guy, who happened to be her boss.

They immediately told their father, who promptly walked out and never came back. They've never seen their father since that day.

They had a half-brother they never knew about.

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"When I was 20, I got a Facebook message from someone claiming to be my half brother. It turned out he was. My father had a three-year-long affair when I was a toddler, the woman got pregnant, and he had been paying child support since. My mother knew as well. They just never told me," shared one person.

Salmon fishing? Right.

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"My dad went 'salmon fishing with a buddy' but didn’t take his salmon gear. I hacked into his email and found several emails exchanged with a woman (including nude photos of them both) who turned out to be his high school sweetheart.

When he returned from his 'fishing trip,' I found a photo of them in his truck," shared another person.

Right, just a friend.

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One person said that their mom had taken them to the movies when they were 10-years-old with "a friend."

But, during the movie, the "friend" got pretty handsy with their mom and even began to rub her thigh in the movie theater. Needless to say, that wasn't "just a friend."

Not careful enough there, dad.

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"When I was 15, my dad picked me up from tutoring and said, 'I love you too,' as he got off the phone but I was on the phone with my mom when I got in the car. I got suspicious and went in his office and found a handwritten note from his mistress," one person shared.

The trip ended too soon.

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One Reddit user said they had gone on a trip with their dad and brother, but their dad wanted to come home early to "surprise" their mom.

Turns out, she had been staying at their house with someone she wasn't supposed to be, as they got home before her and their dad found some things he "didn't like."

Always log out of your Facebook.

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"My mom was logged into Facebook on my computer. One day I was doing homework and a dirty messaged popped up on my computer. I clicked on it and found nudes from my mom and this other guy.

He was using a fake Facebook profile. My sister and I went into investigation mode and found out he worked with her," one person said.

Wow, on the family vacation.

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Another person said they "always felt their dad was cheating," until one day, their mom got a phone call from their dad's mistress. The affair was going on for 3 years.

After the divorce, the person discovered a letter in their mom's purse from their father to his mistress written during a "family trip to Italy."


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"My BF caught his dad going down on his niece-by-marriage the day his wife (my bf’s mom) came back home in remission from a rare leukemia caught off court after a broken leg.

And my bf’s mom actually sent him in the room to tell him dinner was ready," another person admitted.