Man Has Last Laugh With Parting 'Gifts' After Cheating Ex Makes Him Move Out

Because it's such a powerful motivator, we often have to be talked out of revenge.

When we're feeling bitter, it's often our first instinct to want to make the person who wronged us feel as miserable as we do. And while it's definitely possible for a stranger to get under our skin enough to inspire this response, we'll usually find that our most tempting targets are the ones we have a long history with.

But regardless of who pissed us off, we'll often be told that getting them back will end up leaving us with less satisfaction than we think it will. Not to mention, the pain we felt won't really go away because we'll have just replaced it with regret.

Yet while there are plenty of cases where that's exactly how a revenge plot turned out, some will find such a clever way of achieving it that they still can't help but feel like it was worth it.

While his girlfriend at the time was on a business trip, one man received a message that would mess up his whole year.

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As he explained in a Reddit post, she informed him that he would now have to move out because she had apparently met someone new while abroad and expected the man to be gone by the time she got back.

But while he would do as she asked, he resolved that there was one little trace of himself that he'd leave behind.

More accurately, there would be 20 little traces that were subtle enough to ensure she'd never find them.

He described leaving behind 20 quarter-sized noisemakers throughout the house, her car, and the boat her father gave her.

In addition to being small, they were quiet enough that someone could barely hear them if they sat alone in an average-sized room.

To make them even harder to detect, they went off at random intervals and cycled through sounds ranging from children laughing to a "dying breath," a whistle, and scratching noises.

In the man's words, "It was so unpredictable it was near impossible for someone to just figure it out."

Basically, they were just noticeable enough to drive someone nuts and subtle enough to make them think they were imagining the noises.

And as the man would soon learn from a mutual friend who asked him for a way to prank his friends, that's precisely what happened because the new boyfriend ended up moving out a few months after the fact.

Since there were times when both he and the ex could hear the noises and times when only one of them could, he ended up getting spooked enough to abandon both the house and the relationship.

As the man said, "It was amazing, I hadn’t expected to hear anything about it. I rode that train for weeks."

After a while, the ex would end up abandoning the house as well and told her parents that she could either sell the house or give it to her brother, who she was never close to.

Since the man remained good friends with this brother after the breakup and the house ended up going to him, he revealed what he done to this new owner. To the brother's credit, he ended up finding all but two of them himself once he found out what was going on.

Although this revenge plan isn't something the man would hatch anymore, he said it's his current wife's favorite story to tell.

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