Massive 'Home Alone' Lego Set Includes Tons Of Easter Eggs From The Classic Holiday Film

It's officially the holiday season, and you know what that means: Home Alone is about to rule the airwaves (and streaming services).

This year, Lego has a fun treat for fans of the iconic movie: a huge, expansive new set full of references movie fans will adore.

Let's check out what characters made the Lego cut, and what scenes you can re-create in your own home! (Yes, of course, the bathroom aftershave scene is there.)

Meet the set.

Guys, this thing is huge. The Home Alone Lego set comes with all sorts of tricks and traps, just like the real McCallister house! It even comes with Harry and Marv's van.

All your faves are there.

You can play as Kevin, Harry, Marv, old Man Marley, and Catherine O'Hara's Kate, Kevin's mother. You simply cannot leave Catherine O'Hara out, you see. It would be a Canadian crime.

This set is not for the faint of heart.

It contains a massive amount pieces — 3955, in fact. Because it's chock full of small pieces, the set is meant for ages 18+. This would be a super fun family activity for a grown-up Christmas party!

All of your favorite scenes are there!

I particularly love this deep-cut reference to the dancing cut-outs Kevin rigged up to fool people into thinking his family hadn't left him behind. He even has an ice cream snack!

Of course, Harry and Marv are there to cause trouble.

Not only can you re-create Kevin's best scenes at home, but you can also sneak Harry and Marv in there to mess with him! You can even set booby traps for them.

Poor Marv's face is swappable.

When you're ready to take Harry and Marv down, you can swap Marv's face to become angry and red!

Oh, and if you want to mess with Harry, Buzz's tarantula is included in the set.

Let's not forget Kevin's traps.

Wanna really stick it to the Troublesome Two? Set up some of Kevin's best traps and get ready to have some fun. I love the little details LEGO included in the set, including the portraits on the wall!

Even the truck looks cool.

You can drive Harry and Marv around in their very special "plumbing" truck! It's the perfect vehicle to plan mediocre crimes in. Adding this to the front of the set totally finishes off the scene!

You can buy the set from Lego.

The entire set is available from Lego for $249.99. It's also available in-store!

What do you think of the Lego Home Alone set? Would you buy it for your family? Let me know!

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